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Apps: 5 Basic Shopping Apps To Download Now

Nowadays, there are tons of online shopping available on the Internet, and this good news could be a heaven for people who love to do their shopping online. We couldn’t let go off our phone as good things are inside the phone (even stuff for you to chat with...

Apps: StockMaster (Apple)

If you love to keep yourself updated with the latest stock market, finance, and everything that has to do with ‘ka-ching ka-ching’. Then, you should have this apps installed on your phone, tabs, pad, lappy, palm, etc. Here’s another apps which I’ve just installed it into my iPad. It...

Apps: Publisher Plus (Mac)

Most of us would love to have our jobs done as soon as possible especially when it comes to publishing works. Have you ever wondered how to make yourself a nice business card for your own business but then don’t have the knowledge to use applications such as CorelDraw?...