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Why I Love Getting Gold Facial Lifting Treatment from AC Beauty Lane (Sabah)

As I grow ‘older’ year by year, my skin concerns have shifted to a quite fussy and complex demand. My mum once said that she noticed that I have been ‘transforming’ myself into a ‘anti-wrinkles’ beast. While I’m fully aware that getting older and having wrinkles are inevitable, I...

Deals: Body Treatment at AC Beauty Lane

I love having my pampering session at AC Beauty Lane as they offer good customer service apart from the high quality products used for facial, and body treatment. I went to a few beauty salons before this but I usually ended up getting breakouts or redness, and I admit that I really...

Review: AC Beauty Lane @ Suria Sabah

I went to get my skin pampered at AC Beauty Lane last month. We set our appointment at AC Beauty Lane in Suria Sabah after Janet finished diagnosing my skin, and recommends me some of the products which I should be using. I was pretty surprised when Janet told...