Swissvita Acne Solution Serum Controls Acne and Refines Pores

Swissvita Acne Solution Serum

I recently received this serum which contains acne clearing ingredients that penetrate deep within the pores to keep skin clear of new acne pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. It also said to reduce the sebum production and prevent future breakouts as well as unclog pores and reduce redness and inflammation. Introducing Swissvita Acne Solution Serum whichย is formulated with the latest and most advanced acne fighting ingredients. Read more to find out about what I have to say about this product… based on my personal experience after using it for 14 days. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

What They Say

This unique oil-free, light application integrates advanced mild skin renewal technology to help reactivate the skin from inside out. It repairs the skin from the core and harmonizes skin oil and water secretion instantly. This ensures that the skin remains supple and hydrated, preventing excess oil secretion caused by dehydration, thereby fully relieving oily complexion and comedones.

Swissvita Acne Solution Serum


  • Skin moiturizing
  • Firming skin pores
  • Gently exfoliating your skin
  • Brighten skin complexion

Suitable For:ย Oily skin and combination skin.

How To Use: ย Use it after toner. Apply appropriate amount onto your face, especially T-zone. Then gently pat on and massage for a better absorption.

This serum also softens the outer layer of the skin (keratin), eliminates acne and tightens pores to help recover naturally refined and smooth appearance, giving you baby soft and flawless skin.

Swissvita Acne Solution Serum

5 Features of Serum:

  • Oil-Water Balance: Improve moisture locking and replenishment to prevent excess oil secretion from dehydration.
  • Keratin Renewal: Gentle softening of dead skin, reveal impeccable and firm skin complexion.
  • Relieve Blemishes: Prevent pigment production and build-up, minimize the appearance of blemishes, improve dull complexion, and brighten skin tone.
  • Refine Pores: Effectively improve clogging, enlarged pores, and roughness, restoring delicate skin texture.
  • Repair and Regulate: Gently soothe the skin, provide deep regulation and restoration for total skin regeneration.

Swissvita Acne Solution Serum

What I Say

This serum comes in a pharmaceutical-grade aluminium package has been used to retain the potency of the ingredients and prevent plasticizer dissolution.ย It has to be used within six (6) months once opened, and to be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct heat and light.

Swissvita Acne Solution Serum

This non-comedogenic does not dry skin and it actually works for mild, moderate and severe acne, if use together with the cleanser, and toner. It contains Tranexamic Acidย that helps to lighten the pigmentation of acne, scars, sun overexposure, and skin spots related to medications and hormonal changes.

Swissvita Acne Solution Serum

I usually apply it once a day, before bedtime. It leaves my skin fresh, clean, and acne-free. Its formulation gently removes acne, and unclog the pores while reduce light acne scarring. It does not make my skin shiny or oily. Besides, its non-greasy formula quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving any residue. I actually love this serum as it makes my skin balanced as I have combination skin. It also works great to be applied before applying make-up as it does not make the make-up cakey.

Swissvita Acne Solution Serum

When it comes to acne brekaouts, it really helps to clear dark spots, and scars due to recent acne. It also helps to reduce redness and inflammation. I must say that this serum has a refreshing Tea Tree Oil scent. The scent is actually tolerable, as for my opinion.

Swissvita Acne Solution Serum

My Final Verdict

I love this serum because it is pH balanced, so it does not dry my skin nor leave my skin oily. ย It does clear acne scars, and prevent future breakouts. I must say this is a must have for those who are looking for a serum that would not overdry the skin.

Have you tried any of Swissvita skincare products before? Leave me a comment below, I would love to know what you think! Thanks for stopping by!

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