Supplement: API Fat Burner Advanced

Supplement: API Fat Burner Advanced

Fat burners are supplements that basically contain certain herbs and chemicals that either increase energy, stimulate metabolism, and suppress appetite. API’s Fat Burner Advanced is a new product from API. Other famous products by API are Polythermex Hardcore, and Polythermex Elite. This fat burner is suitable for both men, and women, and it’s claimed to be pure, and effective way of losing weight. API also claimed that the formula is carefully combined with most effective lipotropics, and thermogenics.

Why Do We Need Fat Burners?

  • Fat burners are not all just out to help the body to burn fats. In fact, thermogenics as contained in any fat burners actually do work to help speed the metabolism that would help you directly burn off more fat.
  • They are also good in suppressing appetite so that serve to blunt your appetite.
  • Fat burners give you more energy. In other words, they turned fats into energy so you’ll have more intense workouts, that you would stand a higher chance of keeping that muscle tissue that took so long for you to build on your frame.
  • Fat burners also help keep your concentration levels steadier, so you can maintain focus at work or any other mentally stimulating tasks you need to complete.


What They Say…

API’s Fat Burner Advanced boasts that it will likely end your search for the most effective weight loss formula. API’s Fat Burner Advnaced contains carefully balanced formula combines the best known and most effective lipotropics and thermogenics in the industry. The thermogenic blend of Coffee Arabica, Green Tea, Kola Nut, Cayenne Pepper, and Cinnamon helps promote your body to target the problem area for the production of heat. L-Carnitine, a lipotropic agent assists by transporting fat to the part of the cell where it can be used as fuel. The addition of Chromium further assists by helping control fat storage. This combination creates the best medium for fat burning and is also a good source of antioxidants and polyphenols to fight against free radicals in the body.

As a dietary supplement, take 1 to 3 tablets before breakfast and lunch, or before your workout. Start with 1 tablet and adjust up to 3 depending on your response. Do not consume more than 6 tablets per day and consume with 8oz. of your preferred beverage. Always drink plenty of water throughout the day.

  • Servings size = 1 tablet
  • Servings per bottle = 120 tablets
  • Amount per servings = 237.5mg
  • Amount 100 gram = 35g

What I Say…

I bought 2 bottles of API’s Fat Burner Advanced from an online seller on Lazada as I was planning to consume under 3 different conditions:

  1. Consume API’s Fat Burner Advanced, with diet program, and exercise/workout.
  2. Consume API’s Fat Burner Advanced, with diet program, but without Exercise/Workout.
  3. Consume API’s Fat Burner Advanced, without diet program and exercise/workout.


My body weight before consuming this API’s Fat Burner was 57kg, with body fat of 29%. The observation took for 3 months whereby I consume 2-3 tablets per day, every morning before taking my breakfast, or workout. During the the 3rd observation, I went to the gym at 1Fitness 1Borneo Hypermall 5 days a week, and with proper diet program. The observation started on February 1, 2014, and ended on April 30, 2014. The results from each observation based on the above-mentioned conditions are as follows:

  1. Consume API’s Fat Burner Advanced, with diet program, and proper exercise/workout.
    • I lost an average of 3kg for 2 weeks, and 2kg for the remaining 2 weeks.
    • Body fat at the end of week 4 was 30%
  2. Consume API’s Fat Burner Advanced, with diet program, but without Exercise/Workout.
    • I lost an average of 2kg per week which lasted until 3rd week. My weight remained static at the end of 4th week.
    • Body fat at the end of week 4 was 27%.
  3. Consume API’s Fat Burner Advanced, without diet program and exercise/workout.
    • I lost during the 1st week, then for the next 2 weeks, my weight is static. I gained 3kg at the end of my 4th week.
    • Body fat at the end of week 4 was 23%

Based on my observation while consuming API’s Fat Burner Advanced:

  • There’s a need to drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.
  • API’s Fat Burner Advanced gives energy boost and I sweat a lot during workouts.
  • Never consume this Fat Burner before sleep as you will end up not getting any sleep at all.
  • It burns more when doing cardio workouts such as HIIT, jogging, and zumba.


  • The price is very affordable, and it’s considered as one of the cheapest fat burners available in the market.
  • It helps burn more calories during workouts which leads to losing a few kilos.
  • It turns fats into energy, and gives me more energy during workouts.


  • Not suitable for breastfeeding or pregnant women.
  • I lose weight when I implement a proper diet and workout program but my weight remains static after that.
  • The cinnamon smell is too strong, and can even taste a bit ‘spicy’ herbs.
  • The tablets are too large, making it too hard to swallow. I had to drink lots of water to swallow a tablet.

The Verdict

API’s Fat Burner Advanced is a good fat burner available on the market but it is totally different from slimming pills. Why? Because you will never lose weight or get a toned or lean body if you don’t do your workout, and have proper diet program. If you’re thinking of buying API’s Fat Burner Advanced just because you want to lose weight but refuse to do workout, this supplement should not be on your list. Don’t blame the product if you couldn’t even shred a kilo. Fat burners are not the magic pill that literally burn off fat, but they supplement burning off fat. Fat burners can help enhance fat loss, but they’re only going to do so if a proper diet is in place. Anyone who having bad health condition should consult your personal doctor before you take any medicine. You may continue with this product if your doctor approved it.

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