Sponsorship/Collaboration Policy

I welcome brands or businesses who would like to have their products or services appear on this blog and related social network sites (SNS), and all were provided free of charge. All press samples are disclosed as such wherever they are mentioned, and I do not accept any of compensation in exchange for favourable coverage or endorsements. Kindly refer to the requirements for sponsorship/collaboration:

  • I do not review items offered by shops that I would not feel comfortable patronising as a consumer or recommending to other consumers.
  • Brands or businesses are willing to provide the details when requested by me. I really appreciate if you could provide detailed information about the products or services.
  • Kindly choose products that suitable for my skin because I might write otherwise if the products give adverse effect on my skin. I have combination skin, and my concern is to keep it hydrated, and slowing down the aging process (because I’m in my 30s).
  • I am a Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA), so I would refrain myself from receiving any sponsorship from F&B outlets that intend to have me review things that I cannot eat or drink.
  • Allow me to test the products. I don’t simply rant about a product on Day 1. I only write review on Day 14 of using the products.
  • I am open to all kinds of sponsorship/collaboration, as long as you believe I can give enough exposure to your brands. 🙂

You can check out my media kit and review policy for more information. You can also find the brands which I have collaborated previously here. If you have any other questions or concerns, or would like to discuss a sponsorship opportunity, please proceed to contact her. I look forward to learning about your brand, and sharing my experience with my awesome readers!