Shopping: Zorios

Shopping: Zorios

I love wearing accessories as it never fails to add sparkle to women’s inner beauty. I admit that I love all the items that I found on Zorios. Furthermore, I found that the items are sold at very affordable prices (judging from the quality itself). Looking at the colors, and designs make me wanna have them all! I have placed order a few days ago as I would love to know the quality itself. 

I had a few bad experiences with some online shops before this (and that includes some famous online pre-order shops), and I’m very particular in terms of price, and quality. The pictures may speak louder than words, but the experience of going to the shop, and do online shopping can be extremely different because going into a physical shop enable us to check for the quality before we make decision to buy or not. As for online shopping, most online shop owners would try to give their best presentation of the products (most of the online shop owners would just ‘copy and paste’ photos and descriptions from their suppliers). It’s totally a different experience when shopping online with Zorios. Anyway, this is not a paid review as I’ve bought the items using my own money. Please note that I’m going to give my honest opinions about their service, and products. *grin*
I received my parcel a about 2 days after I made the payment (and sent out proof of payment for verification). Zorios processed my order faster than I expected. My parcel was delivered by GDex (even though it was raining that day). Their website is a friendly-user, easy to understand and I don’t have any problems to place my order online. Hassle-free! Moreover, I’m very impressed with the packaging. It comes in a pillow box with a Zorios printed on it. The packaging is very nice, I may not hesitate to send this as a gift to my friends and family. It would be better if the package comes in a more convenient box because I received my parcel in a ‘flat’ pillow box. Luckily the items are still in good condition (no defects). My items are wrapped in adhesive plastic, and they also include invoice (so I can check the accuracy of the price and items, and return to them if I found that they’ve sent out a wrong one). Great job, Zorios!
I love the necklace. The quality is superb, and the price is also affordable. I admit that I fall in love with the unique design, and I can’t wait to match this with my black or peach dress! The earrings also looks perfect. Not a single damaged found on it. I’m very impressed with the quality of the products. I wished there are more selection made available on their website soon.
Oh, Zorios also gives FREE SHIPPING within Malaysia for every order that reached RM75 in a single receipt, too! Zorios accepts payment via ipay88, Paypal, Cash Deposit or Online Transfer. You will have to contact Zorios if you’re an international customer. I’m gonna to place order for Zorios bracelets soon, they have lots of unique bracelets! Kalah jam tangan! Feel free to check for their latest items today.
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