Shopping: Why You Should NEVER Buy From Bricks-and-Mortar Bookstores

Shopping: Why You Should NEVER Buy From Bricks-and-Mortar Bookstores

I love books, and I have tons of books in the house waiting to be arranged on the book shelves. Yes. I need a few book shelves to put my books. Only some of them need to be donated. I rarely sell them off as I feel rather nice to donate them all to people who couldn’t even buy a book. Thanks to my parents (and grandparents) who always tell their stories of how they had to collect books that were thrown away, and that was how they gained knowledge. Anyway, I’ve been to this bookstore which is located not far away from my workplace, and I always leave the bookstore with a disappointment. I just hate the feeling when I couldn’t buy the book that I really wanted to read so much. Yes. I need to read Rolf Dobelli’s The Art of Thinking Clearly, and Syamnuriezmil’s Tuan Anas Mikael whenever I have to queue in the bank, or whenever I have to wait for more than 30 minutes. I hate waiting because waiting is just another word for ‘wasting time’. Pardon me for being such a jeremiad.

Thanks to my lovely Zuhaida for being such a helpful cousin. She’s an avid novel reader and loves spending her pastime reading novels (apart from doing her favourite routine – shopping). I’m blessed to have a great cousin! She suggested me to buy from MPHonline so I can always leave the bookstore with a smiling face. Yeah, right. Yet, I still need to wait for 3-5 days to have the books reach me. LOL! Anyway, this is way cooler than wasting my time looking for the books which are out of stock.

There are more than 1 million titles to choose from, all available in one place.

It’s pretty easy to register an account with MPHonline, and it’s free. The online bookstore has more than 1 million titles available, and the best thing is pre-order also made available to titles that are yet to reach local bookstores. Why pay more on shipping charges if you can simply get special delivery at zero cost? Special offers are also available for MPHonline privilege members or MoRewards.  All you have to do is make a purchase of MYR 100 and above at MPHonline (excluding the delivery charges) and you will get your FREE 1-year membership.

I can always find the books that I wanted to read. No more waiting. Just fill in the search box, and voilà!
I can always find the books that I wanted to read. No more waiting. Just fill in the search box, and voilà! I can now buy the book that I wanted so much!


I love how I can spend a few minutes browsing all the books without having to get out from my office room. It’s convenient. No more rushing or even disappointment. I can even get more discounts being a MoRewards member. Not convince enough? A MoRewards member is entitled to enjoy special promotions and special promotions on MPHonline. For instance, you can get an additional of 10% discount on the book which is currently on sale. The book that I wanted to buy is on sale at the moment, with a discount of 50%. The current offer price is MYR 18.45 (after 50% discount), but a MoRewards member is entitled for another 10% discount, which means, the offer price is MYR 16.61! And, if you’re a CIMB Credit/Debit Cardholders, you are entitled for another 10% discount which makes the final amount to be paid is MYR 14.76.


Anyway, I’ve decided to buy more books as I wanted to take the advantage of free delivery. Why pay for the shipping charges if the amount is similar of getting another book? Yes. Free shipping to Sabah and Sarawak, too! As a MoRewards member, you will enjoy these amazing rewards everytime you shop at MPHonline:

  • 10% off on EVERYTHING* at MPHonline,
  • Additional 5%* discount (or more) during sale period & special promotions,
  • FREE* Delivery nationwide,
  • Enjoy “MoDeals” every Monday where we offer up to 70%* discount on current & popular titles,
  • Receive a 25% off e-voucher to spend on books during your birthday month,
  • Expect to receive special savings via email throughout the year. We will throw in a freebie or two occasionally,
  • MPHonline will buzz you with the latest happenings, new releases and book promotions via their monthly e-newsletter.
Here’s the list of books that I placed order just now. More Malay books this time.

The prices you see on the invoice are not the finalized one as I paid using my credit card this time just to enjoy another 10% discount. MPHonline also delivers to other countries. You can always be sure with the delivery as their system will compute the total shipping charges you need to pay according to the weight, and distance. Be sure to check the books at MPHonline today as they are having great offers every month!

I can now strike through the books on my wishlist. LOL!


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