Shopping: Thumbs Up for Lazada Malaysia

First of all, I would like to remind that this is not a paid or sponsored review but this is a real customer’s experience. You might be interested to read my previous ‘nightmare’ with Lazada’s online merchants HERE, just in case you haven’t read or you’re very curious (or interested) to know about it. So, my hubby received a call from Lazada personnel, Mr. Vijay. (And I received an email from the merchant. HAHA!)


Mr. Vijay discussed the issue with my hubby, and he promised to make an arrangement to replace the gym leather belt (with a free delivery return, and even asked GDEX delivery man to come to our house to do the pick-up). It’s a good thing to know that Lazada really care about their customers, though. Why? First, GDEX in Kota Kinabalu is located in Kepayan (88 Market) which is pretty far from our home (approx. 22km, about 31 minutes without jams). Ask any Sabahans, and they will surely tell you what we hate the most while on the road – Traffic Jams (and man-man-loi drivers on right lane). So, it’s very convenient when there’s someone to do the pick-up. It doesn’t take long for GDEX to do the pick-up (within 3 days). Mr. Vijay always keep in touch with my hubby, and of course, we are very delighted to receive a discount voucher from Lazada. Thanks, Lazada (and we would love to extend our thanks to Mr. Vijay, and his boss *too!*).


The new leather gym belt was received within seven (7) working days, in a perfect condition and securely ‘wrapped’ in a box. I’m impressed with the packaging. First impression is really important. No lie one de. Who’s the merchant, then? Interested to know?


Thank you, MuscleGear. *Thumbs up!* How about the quality of the gym leather belt? I’m sure you would love to see the new gym belt that they sent to us.



It’s wrapped in plastic, and carefully placed in the box.


Still the same Arbiter brand but this time it’s replaced with a new one. I love the smell of the new gym leather belt. So fresh. LOL!


New, and new… No more flaky, peeled off belt.


Here’s a closer look. I admit that I’m very satisfied with the perfect condition (even my hubby couldn’t stop himself from grinning).


Can you spot any defects on this gym leather belt? They’re perfect! Fit to be worn during weight-lifting (or ‘almost’ dead-lift).


Last but not least, we would love to thank both MuscleGear, and Lazada for the job well done! We are happy that you love your customers very much. We are more than happy to serve as your loyal customers from now onwards (I sound like making a vow! LOL!). Here’s a list of gym leather belts which are made available on Lazada, just in case if you’re looking for a gym belt:

You can browse lots of fitness gears and supplements on Lazada which are on sale today! They usually offer you the best items at affordable price BUT you should check out Lazada today as they are having 11.11 SALE. You can expect the price are LOWER than usual. Just click on the banner below to enjoy offers from Lazada. Tiada besok-besok. Hari ini sahaja.

Lazada Malaysia

Remember to key in ‘ShopLaz11.11‘ during check out to get an extra of RM25 discount when you spend a minimum of RM150. This discount code can also be used on other items (as long as you’re shopping @ Lazada).

Happy Shopping! *Can’t wait to write about Mr. Arnie’s How To Build Muscles book!*

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