Shopping: Shop Easy with Lazada Malaysia using Apps and MOLPay CASH Payment

Shopping: Shop Easy with Lazada Malaysia using Apps and MOLPay CASH Payment

Lazada Malaysia has been Malaysians’ most popular pitstop shopping and selling destination for years, and there are more than half a million products can be bought just with a single click. Yup! The power is at our fingertips and now it is getting easier because you can shop from your mobile! So convenient!

Everyone can conveniently shop while on the go with Lazada Malaysia Mobile App, as all products are presented in a nice visual, intuitive user interface, and true-to-form images. This makes shopping through Lazada Malaysia Mobile App is easy as 1-2-3 and more secured than other online marketplace platforms. We no longer have to rush to the mall or get stuck in a heavy traffic as shopping is done via online.

It’s so easy to shop using Lazada Malaysia Mobile App and I can shop within a few minutes (30 minutes to be exact). So, I bought some of the products that using Lazada Malaysia Mobile App such as 1 set of Princess Figurines for Kids, 1 set of make-up brushes set, and 1 set of 18 eyeshadows palette. The total is less than RM100, which is really great.

When it comes to making payment, Lazada Malaysia accepts all major debit and credit cards, Paypal, and MOLPay CASH. No credit card for your Lazada Malaysia orders? Fret not because you can simply pay via cash using MOLPay CASH system. I usually pay using my credit or debit cards when I do my online shopping, but, this time I used MOLPay CASH to pay when shopping at Lazada Malaysia. Just choose Credit Card/Online Banking payment method, and it will get proceed to various online banking and cash payment selection.

MOLPay CASH is a leading payment in Southeast Asia which offers a very convenient, easy, quick and hassle free payment method for those who want to make payment in cash while shopping online. In fact, MOLPay CASH is a system that does not impose extra charges when making payment while offers interest-free, so you does not worry about hidden charges or interest that you need to pay. What you see is what you get – You pay the amount on the bill. The best thing about MOLPay CASH is it offers a very convenient service for those who have no credit cards or bank account to make payment while shopping online. It’s a convenient payment over the counter option!

This is the place where I can simply choose to make payment, and I just clicked on 7-Eleven logo. It later took me to where I needed to fill in the details. It’s so easy. The system required for a valid mobile phone number and email address so that they can send the payment details later. Just flash barcode or bring along the printed payment details when making MOLPay CASH at the nearest 7-Eleven outlets. The system only valid up to 48-hour before it cancels the order. Make sure to do the cash payment within the timeframe.

Here are the simple MOLPay CASH steps:

  1. Shop at Lazada Malaysia  website, then proceed to checkout.
  2. Key in the voucher code as provided.
  3. Confirm the delivery information continue to checkout.
  4. Select ‘Credit Card / Online Banking’ for payment.
  5. Click on the ‘Payment Option’ button, then select ‘7-Eleven’ as a payment method.
  6. Tick agree the ‘Terms and Conditions’, proceed the bill. You will received the information (Transaction ID, verification code, amount) with barcode for make payment. Screen shoot or print out the transaction details.
  7. Go to the nearest 7-Eleven store to make payment, tell cashier payment for MOLPay CASH.
  8. Show the copy of printing to cashier or flash your phone with for make payment at counter.
  9. Once the payment amount has been confirmed and paid, 7-Eleven staff will issue MOLPay CASH receipt and 7-Eleven receipt (2 receipts).
Since I received a discount voucher, I only have to pay the balance. When it comes to shopping online with Lazada Malaysia, you can always grab their unexpected offer. Wait no longer. Simply download the Lazada Malaysia Mobile App for free on App Store or Google Play Store.


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