Shopping: Personalised Trinkets by Crafted By Mei

Shopping: Personalised Trinkets by Crafted By Mei

I love wearing handmade accessories so much because it always has its own value and characteristics. In fact, there’s a place where I love to have my accessories to be custom-made. And, if you’re still looking for something special to be given on Valentine’s Day, then you might have to ask Amelia Tan to sprinkle some loves onto your gift. Who is Amelia Tan, anyway? If you’re still clueless about her, she’s actually a talented Malaysian who custom made or personalised jewellery to suit your needs. 

Amelia Tan or Mei has been in the business for many years, and has been featured in many local media. This pretty lass is a cancer survivor. I always love her artworks, and even placed orders for bracelets. Mei is a very friendly person, and I love the way she treats her customers. Friendly even though we only chatted via e-mail.

There are plenty of her artworks posted on her Facebook as well as online blogshop. You can always ask her to make a new one if the pre-made is out of stock, or just tell her the details of the custom-made bracelet which you wanted her to do. You can choose the charms from the catalogue, too! You can always get your custom-made bracelets below MYR 50, and it’s a flat rate shipping all over Malaysia. You will receive your custom-made trinkets secured in a cute box.

They are pretty, and can be a great gift to your loved ones!

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What are you waiting for? Hop on to her blogshop, and place order now. 🙂

Crafted By Mei: Blogshop | Facebook | Instagram


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