Shopping: My Shopping Experience @ Using MOLPay Cash

Shopping: My Shopping Experience @ Using MOLPay Cash

Most of us would go for online shopping these days because of the convenience and lower price than the brick-and-mortar. Yet, most of us would prefer to make payment using cash than card because the need to have more control over personal credit management. However, paying by cash while shopping online is no longer a problem because we can now make cash payment at the nearest 7-Eleven outlets when we bought something via online. I would like to share my online shopping experience using MOLPay Cash when shopping at recently. 

It was school holidays and people were doing their last minute Christmas shopping. Kota Kinabalu (KK) was packed with people and most of my friends were complaining about how heavy the traffic jams on social network sites (SNS). They even made updates that it was hard to move around KK as people were flocking to get to their destinations. Considering the current situation, I decided to do my shopping via online because I did not have to go out and ‘battle’ with my patience while in a heavy traffic jam. So, I went to to shop for Christmas presents for my kids. I know you might be wondering if I have discount code for you, right? Yes. I do have something for you, too. Just continue to read, and you shall see the discount code. is a shopping portal for the little ones. This is one of my favourite place to shop for my kids’ needs as it offers quality products from the most trusted vendor networks in Malaysia. Beside that, it has always been parents’ favourite pitstop when shopping online for kids’ necessities. has a simple and straight-forward shopping system, and it is user-friendly. Fairly easy to use. You can easily register for an account here before start adding items into your shopping cart. Once you have registered yourself an account, you can use this discount code JESSELTON10 when checking out. They are valid until 31 December 2017, anyway.

There are tons of products available at, and most of the brands are popular among the parents such as Chicco, Pureen, Holabebe, Drypers, Huggies, MAM, Little Kingdom, Autumnz, Tomme Tippee, Fisher-Price, Avent, and so much more. Everything that your kids need are available here. In fact, browsing this portal can be quite time consuming because there are lots of items which you can find. I actually had to open several browser tabs because I became indecisive over which to buy for my kids especially when it comes to educational toys, and accessories. Anyway, I decided to buy these 2 for them as they love playing with blocks, and it’s good for the motor skills.

When it comes to making payment, accepts all Visa and MasterCards, both Credit and Debit, Paypal, and MOLPay Cash. But, I used MOLPayCash to pay when shopping at Just choose Credit Card/Online Banking payment method, and it will get proceed to various online banking and cash payment selection.

This is the place where I can simply choose to make payment, and I just clicked on 7-Eleven logo. It later took me to where I needed to fill in the details. It’s so easy. The system required for a valid mobile phone number and email address so that they can send the payment details later. Just flash barcode or bring along the printed payment details when making MOLPay Cash at the nearest 7-Eleven outlets. The system only valid up to 48-hour before it cancels the order. Make sure to do the cash payment within the timeframe.

Here are the simple MOLPay CASH steps:

  1. Shop at website, then proceed to checkout.
  2. Key in the voucher code as provided.
  3. Confirm the delivery information continue to checkout.
  4. Select ‘Credit Card / Online Banking’ for payment.
  5. Click on the ‘Payment Option’ button, then select ‘7-Eleven’ as a payment method.
  6. Tick agree the ‘Terms and Conditions’, proceed the bill. You will received the information (Transaction ID, verification code, amount) with barcode for make payment. Screen shoot or print out the transaction details.
  7. Go to the nearest 7-Eleven store to make payment, tell cashier payment for MOLPay CASH.
  8. Show the copy of printing to cashier or flash your phone with for make payment at counter. .
  9. Once the payment amount has been confirmed and paid, 7-Eleven staff will issue MOL-MOLPay receipt and 7-Eleven receipt (2 receipts).

Why MOLPay? MOLPay Cash is provided by Southeast Asia’s leading payment solutions provider and 7-Eleven Malaysia. This option is made available for consumers who would like to make cash payment, and they can simply do it at the nearest 7-Eleven outlets all over Malaysia. In fact, this is a great payment over the counter option for those who have no credit cards. It’s convenient, easy, quick, and hassle free payment method!

The features and benefits.

  • MOLPay Cash is convenient, easy, quick and hassle free payment method for those who want to make payment in cash while shopping online.
  • MOLPay is a system that does not impose extra charges when making payment.
  • MOLPay offers interest-free, so you does not worry about hidden charges or interest that you need to pay. What you see is what you get – You pay the amount on the bill.
  • MOLPay offers a very convenient service for those who have no credit cards or bank account to make payment while shopping online. It’s a convenient payment over the counter option!

Remember to use JESSELTON10 to get 10% off on your online purchase on, dearies.

  • Minimum spend RM150
  • Maximum discount at RM50
  • Valid until 31st December 2017
  • Only applicable for online purchase on
  • Not applicable with other promo codes
  • Promo code is not exchangeable for cash.
  • Limited to ONE usage per user

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