Shopping: Lunar Year Sale at Whitesoot

Who said single lady cannot go shopping for Valentine’s Day? There’s always a good thing to enjoy the shopping spree when you’re still single. In fact, doing shopping online won’t make you look like ‘forever alone’. While most of the couples are celebrating with candlelight dinner, I still love the fact that doing online shopping is still a fun thing to do especially when I can multitask at home. It may sound boring a bit but I’m happy to have Mr. Hubby by my side who has been suggesting the best outfits for me. Yes. He has been browsing some dresses at Whitesoot since this afternoon.

This is not my first time shopping at Whitesoot, but having my Hubby buys for me at Whitesoot – That’s a new thing! Most of the clothes are updated as each of them is inspired by fashion bloggers, and fashionistas. There are stylish and elegant clothes for a variety of occasions at Whitesoot. Unlike other online shopping store that offer pricey collections, Whitesoot is a place where you can grab the latest, and freshest designs at the most affordable price.

Whitesoot updates their collections every Monday at 11am, and they have a wide selection of collections for you to choose from – formal, work, casual, etc. You name it, they have them all in one place. Whitesoot accepts major local banks, as well as credit and debit card. Delivery? All purchases are delivered the next working day! The best thing is, free shipping is available for order over MYR 120! I love free shipping!

When I do my shopping online, I would usually check if I can get cashback from what I buy online. It’s a great thing that Whitesoot give a 2.5% cashback with Shopback which is usually cash back into Shopback account within 2 days, and the cash is redeemable within 60 days. Just imagine this cashback is your ‘fixed deposit’ when you do your online shopping. You can always get your free Shopback account here.

Here are some of the dresses which I love to have but I guess Mr. Hubby has chosen something else for me. T_T

Paisley Perfection Marrakech Long Sleeve Maxi Dress – Pink
Sophistique Long Sleeve Maxi Dress – Emerald Green
Sophistique Long Sleeve Maxi Dress – Emerald Green
Jetset Asymmetrical Stripe Dress – Navy & Grey
Viva Violet Floral Midi Flare Dress – Light Blue

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