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We all love to look and feel our best on daily basis, and most of us are getting obsessed with looking young. Some of us might have heard that real chocolate, not the ordinary chocolate bar, can help your skin stay young. Starchy foods, on the other hands, will make the skin age prematurely. In fact, I read some of the researches which come to a concluding remarks that occasional fasting is the best anti-aging secret, and that skipping meal occasionally will make the body repair cells which promotes to youthful skin.


A healthy body means a healthy skin but the skin needs also its own nutrients supplied directly. In fact, achieving a great-looking skin involves both dietary intake, and skin care routine. Korean beauty is the most trending at the moment because of its promising results. The holistic Korean beauty philosophy concentrates more on improving skin from the inside out. Instead, Korean skincare focuses on maintaining a healthy, well hydrated and nourished skin environment for results that can last for a lifetime.


Koreans are some of the most demanding beauty consumers in the world, and that’s why more and more extensive researches on beauty industry are made to provide the best to the customers. Their innovations and technology is 12 years ahead.The Koreans uphold the belief that a truly radiant complexion does not merely happen overnight by simply treating the skin’s outer layers.

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I’m so in love with Korean skincare routine and I would usually spend about 10-15 minutes wearing mask every night. I never ditch a single day because I believe my skin needs to get the nutrients that it requires. Wearing mask every single day is not considered as overdoing. There’s no overdoing in Korean beauty routine. These are some of the sheet masks from Innisfree which I personally love because of the result I’ve obtained from using their sheet masks. Check them out. You can actually shop for ready stock Innisfree sheet mask on their online shop.


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