Shopping: I Love Shopee Until I Met This Seller Who Set His Own Procedures

Shopee - Unethical Seller

I have always love shopping at Shopee because it is the best online shopping in Malaysia until recently… I met with a seller who wanted me to follow his own refund procedures. I become a very unsatisfied customer who eventually got her own right to left a negative feedback on the seller’s shop.  It just that I have never thought that I would receive a backlash from the seller that promised me that he would refund me the money, and with a respond ‘I received your bad review, but I promised to give you a refund. I just work for Shopee, you need to follow the method I said to get a refund. If I can give you a refund directly, I am happy to give it to you directly. Do you understand me? This is the regulation of the entire platform.’

I have actually contacted with Shopee support team regarding this matter, and I am pretty satisfied with their assistance. It is not novel for me to use their easy peasy Return/Refund System because I have been using this system whenever the seller did not ship me the correct orders. In fact, Shopee does not release the money until the stipulated date (after the seller posted the items with tracking code), or the customer click on a ‘Order Received’ button. The best thing about Shoppe is there is another feature in which customer can opt to ‘Extend Shopee Guarantee’ for cases like they have not received their order or maybe the customers have not checked the orders yet just to confirm that they received all the ordered items.

 Anyway, it would be great if Shopee can add another features to protect customers from getting involved in some dishonest and unethical practices by the sellers. I noticed that some sellers sent out 60% – 70% of an order placed by the customer as long as they can post tracking number on Shopee. Most of the customers would eventually asked for a refund but for those who are novel with the Return/Refund system, they would not be aware of it. These customers would be tied to a belief that the seller would refund to their bank account with an honest intention. An unethical seller would never do it but would always find a way to stay within their unethical selling practices.

Enough with the babbling, I am going straight to the point on how you can ask for Return/Refund from Shopee. No need to wait from the seller, just block them from getting the money if they are just being dishonest. Apa kau mau peduli kalau diorang sudah mula menipu.

When can you ask for a refund?

Upon receiving and inspecting your purchase, you can apply for returns before your payment is released to the seller. Payment will only be released once you tap on “Order Received” or when Shopee Guarantee period ends. Tap on “Request Refund/Return” on the Order Details page. Select the product(s) you would like to return, choose a reason and fill in your email address.

Will you be refunded with your shipping fee for returns and refunds?

Yes, shipping fee paid during your purchase will be refunded if all of your products from the order are being returned and refunded. However, if only a few of your products from the order needs to be returned and refunded, then the shipping fee paid during your purchase will not be refunded.

How can you get the refund for your cancelled order?

You will be notified through the app and email if you have a refund. If you made the payment using your credit/debit card, Shopee will refund the payment back to your card within 14 working days. If the payment was made using bank transfer or online banking, Shopee will refund the payment into your Shopee Wallet.

How long would it take for your refund to be processed?

All refunds will be initiated the next working day. Credit card payments will be refunded to the respective credit card and it takes around 7-14 working days for processing depending on the banks. Online payment and Bank transfer payment methods will be refunded to your Shopee Wallet!

Alternatively, please reach out to Shopee customer service at or +603 2777 9222 (Monday to Sunday – 9.00am until 6.00pm, including Public Holidays) for further assistance.

You have clicked “Order Received”, can you still raise return/refund request?

No. Once you have clicked “Order Received”, you will not be able to raise a return/refund request.

When and how will you receive your refund?

A refund will be automatically initiated when Shopee has completed the inspection of your return and approved your return request. You will be notified through the app (Notification > Order Updates) and email. Credit card payments will be refunded to the respective credit card and will take around 7-14 working days for processing depending on the bank. Payments made through methods other than credit card will be refunded into your Shopee Wallet.

How will your returns and refunds be processed with Shopee Wallet?

If you have paid for an order via Bank Transfer, refunds for such orders will be credited to your Shopee Wallet, in order to speed up your refund process. You can then withdraw this refund to your bank account at your convenience or use your fund to pay for your future orders.

How long does it take for sales proceeds or refunds to be credited into Shopee Wallet?

Money from your sales will be credited to your Shopee Wallet within 2 to 3 days after the item is delivered to the buyer or after the buyer acknowledges that he or she has received the item.

For refunds, the money will be credited to your Shopee Wallet within 1 day after the return/refund request is approved by the seller.

If payment was made using credit/debit card, Shopee will refund the payment back to your card within 14 working days.

I hope this post really helps this time. Oh, you might want to have a sneak peek on the seller’s conversation which actually made me angry the other day.

3 thoughts on “Shopping: I Love Shopee Until I Met This Seller Who Set His Own Procedures

  1. There are fake customer too who get the item accordingly but reported they did not get the item by removing or replacing the item. Same goes to Grab Driver, rules out to safeguard customer with the so called “Customer always right” but the fact that humans itself are never right at the 1st place then we got the news of Grab Driver was killed, robbed or nabbed to death. For me no one wants to be in this situation, the rule should safeguard both seller and customer. But now I learn how to ask for refund.

    1. Hi Nurliena,

      It’s really hard to deal when some people tend to take advantage when there is loophole in the technology. I do agree that we need to coin up this ‘security’ issue so that both seller / service provider and customers can enjoy the benefits of this advancement of technology. Law in needed to protect each one of us, and that includes our privacy.

  2. I would just like to thank you for detailing the refund process as a regular customer who is familiar with the process and sharing your personal experience! This certainly reassures less-experienced customers of Shopee’s professionalism in dealing with matters like this. 🙂 Terima kasih banyak-banyak.

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