Shopping: How Will Qipao Be In The Future

Qipao or Cheongsam are dresses from China, but they are not limited to Chinese women only because celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Anne Hathaway, and Emma Watson have shown up in Qipao before while attending formal events. Qipao might not be the most popular attire in the world, and has become occasional dress which you can find in most Chinese weddings or festival dinners such as Chinese Lunar Year Collection of Chinese Apparel

I have a few Qipao at home and I’ve been admiring this classic style ever since I watched Maggie Cheung in a high collared Qipao in In the Mood for Love. The Qipao is normally designed to flatter the feminine body. I found it was pretty hard to get access to wonderful collection of elegant, fantastic, fashionable and high-quality Qipao nowadays until I found


There are a few tricks to accentuate your assets when donning this classic dress. Boxy cuts, shoulder pads, and long Qipao should be avoid if you’re short and wanted to look taller. Three-quarter sleeve Qipao can be the best solution for those who have flabby arms, opt for smaller pattern or darker hue to create slimmer illusion. Never go for large prints which can make you larger. Women with broad shoulders should never go with shoulder pads as they will weigh you down. Just like wearing jeans, women with large hips should go for a straight-cut Qipao.

Just take note that you probably should not be wearing certain colours of Qipao especially red to a Chinese wedding because the bride will most likely to wear red Qipao. Sometimes, bride also wear white, ivory, or gold Qipao with embroidery for the wedding reception. If you’re a bride-to-be and currently looking for quality Qipao, it would be great to browse some of their Qipao as they also offer Qipao for wedding needs. Last but not least, is currently offering a 10% off on all orders with no minimum order.

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