Shopping: GuguBird Is Not For East Malaysians

I’m quite busy recently with my brother’s wedding just around the corner. The clock is ticking, and I need to get things done a few days before the event so I can get enough of rest. I managed to check my email this morning just to find an offer from I was really excited as I have planned to buy some things for my kids. Of course, doing online shopping is my favourite thing to do as I no longer have to stuck in the traffic jams around Kota Kinabalu.


I was excited to know that GuguBird is having its Ramadan Sales with free shipping until 18 June 2016. Excited to the max! Any moms would be excited when they can save more lah. I spent about 30 minutes browsing through the products which are tagged at cheaper price than what you find at the stores.


Upon checking out, I found out that the system doesn’t allow me to proceed to make payment. I was quite surprised, so I went to ‘edit address’, and check if I missed something in the address. That ‘We Do Not Ship To Malaysia’ can be quite confusing as if Sabah is not part of Malaysia. I was quite disappointed at this point.



I decided to check the Shipping Policy first, it doesn’t mention about delivery areas. So, I checked with the FAQs only to find out that GuguBird does not deliver to East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak, and W.P. Labuan). Disappointed eh? Totally disappointed. What a total mood killer! I spent 30 minutes just to browse for things that I couldn’t even buy… *Sigh*



Dear GuguBird, if you’re reading this post (which I would have this posted on your Facebook page, if any). First and foremost, please clearly state that you don’t deliver to East Malaysia whenever you’re making promotion, sales, whatsoever. We, customers, usually do not check your FAQs or Shipping Policy because we believe the Free Shipping is available to all Malaysians (that includes residents in Sabah, Sarawak, and W.P. Labuan). Secondly, I’m aware that you’re using Shopify shopping cart system, please update the code so that it doesn’t keep on making ‘We Don’t Ship To Malaysia’ statement. Third, I would be really excited if you can make delivery to East Malaysia as soon as possible with a very minimal shipping fee.


I’m looking forward for more improvement from GuguBird, but for now, I’m totally disappointed. GuguBird is not my pitstop to do online shopping for my kids at the moment.

The GuguBird Story

GuguBird is here with a simple idea: the more time and money moms save on shopping, the more time and love moms can spend with family. A trusted membership shopping club with nearly 10,000 members, GuguBird is committed to providing the best possible prices on quality, brand-name, genuine products. Guaranteed.

How are we able to sell at such low prices?

In short, we give the profit on every product back to You, our customers. Through our relationships with vendors and our low membership fee of RM9.90/month, we are able to consistently offer competitive, low market-pricing for all your baby’s needs. We also sell individually and in bulk, providing more value to our customers- more bang for your buck

Why Are We Here?

Order from home, Save money, and Spend more time watching your baby grow.

Babies are expensive. On average, parents spend RM500 on products each month. GuguBird aims to change this by offering competitive low prices on the best products available. Our authentic, genuine, high quality products last, Avoid the lines, order everything you need online, and in a few days your order will be delivered straight to your front door. Leave the hassle to us, and spend more time with those that matter- Family.

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