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Have you ever experienced this? You bought a t-shirt from a store, take a selfie and then uploaded it on your Instagram. A few hours later, your friend left a comment, “I know where you bought that t-shirt!” which we usually don’t want to hear, or you might probably get this comment, “I got the same one, too!” – I would throw the t-shirt into the dustbin. I’ve been there, and that’s why I rarely buy mass produced t-shirt nowadays. Been there, I feel you.

There’s no need to have the fear from clashing with others or getting a ‘rude’ comments from your friends because is here! Hooray! It’s a place where you can find a variety of products such as T-shirts for both kids and adults, cool hoodies and jackets, casing for your mobile phone, and also canvas with unique designs which you can buy at an affordable price. This is my favourite place to have a one of a kind t-shirt, and I no longer have the worries of hearing “I know where you got that t-shirt’! Cool, isn’t it?

Apart from that, the casing at are supported by variety of Mobile Phone models. It’s the best thing about Tees because you have the power to choose the design you really wanted, ranging from humorous sentence to movie Quote. Tees also open up opportunities for designer or people with myriad of interesting ideas to open up their own design shop. You can earn money without having to worry the stock of unsold items.

Here are some of my favourite tees which I find cool. You may click on the image for details.

Work Hard, Pray Harder
Mondays are fine. It’s your work that sucks!
Travel Warning: Indonesia Dangerously Beautiful.
Dismiss The Haters
Selfie T-Shirt
Retro Camera
Addicted to Books and Coffee
Sailor Venus
For attractive lips, speak words of kindness
191055_35_1_front_blank Whatever people say I am. That’s not what I’m not.
I Love Hike
I speak fluent movie quotes.
Skull Girl

Life is easier with I need to stop writing now as I just saw a few t-shirts which I’m going to get soon! I’ll take selfie donning those cool t-shirt later. Till then, tatatititutu! Store

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