Shopping: Get Bless Studio Has Your Marilyn Monroe’s Dresses!

Shopping: Get Bless Studio Has Your Marilyn Monroe’s Dresses!

I’ve always love vintage fashion as it’s so classic. Being a fan of some classic Hollywood celebrities has turned me into a vintage lover. I must say my aunt (and mom) are the reason I couldn’t resist ‘flooding’ my wardrobe with vintage dresses! Frankly speaking, I still have my mum’s dresses when she was young. Most of her dresses are in S/M size. Glad that I can still fit in all her dresses until now. I even had some of them modified to fit with the current fashion. I always love vintage fashion as I don’t have to worry about having my dresses clashed with others – Limited Edition, I must say.

The Vintage Biri-Biri was the first few vintage shops which I love to shop. I wonder if they still on business as I no longer saw them updating their site. I really hoped they are still in business, though. After a few years of searching, I’ve finally found another vintage boutique on Instagram. It’s a vintage boutique owned by a Sabahan living in Peninsular. It’s my favourite place to buy vintage dresses (and tops). All items in this online boutique are selling like hot cakes, and have gained more customers recently because the quality is superb as they are imported all the way from Japan and the States. Don’t ask for discount because their price is very reasonable. I’ve seen some vintage boutiques in Kota Kinabalu before, and their imported vintage dresses are tagged above MYR 150 (USD 35++)! If you’re looking for vintage or retro apparels, you should check this out. You won’t be disappointed. Trust me. I’ve been their regular customer. You can always ask them (if you’re not convinced enough with my ‘broken-English-grammar’. Hahahahah!).

Check out some of their collection Instagram below:

They really have a really nice vintage collection, right? Hop on to Get Bless Studio now. I bet most of the dresses are sold out right now as people love to shop from them. They only sell one piece per design. No restock for the same design. You might have to be fast enough to close the deal.


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