Shopping: Get a Pinterest-Inspired Pillow Case From Printcious

Shopping: Get a Pinterest-Inspired Pillow Case From Printcious

I went to Kaison @ Imago Sabah just now as I need to find cushion pillow cover because I’m getting bored with the current. I couldn’t find one which can match with the colours of my sofa, and carpet. I need to replace the old one, and there’s no way I’m going to reuse the same cover this year, too! As I went ‘googling’ for some inspirations on Pinterest, I stumbled upon this cool Printcious store. I feel so lucky because they offer personalised cushion pillow cover, and other printing needs. Thank God!

First and foremost, I get myself an account with Printcious because I know I’m going to use their service. The registration is very simple, and it’s free. I love the minimal details required for registration which makes it fast for me to get myself an account with Printcious. There’s another option to get an account with Printcious, that is using Facebook.


Printcious has more than 3,500 collections under 8 categories, and I bet the list is growing. You can shop for premade, or create your own. If you think the price is quite higher than the usual one that you can get from store, remember, those things which you can get easily are mass-produced. As for personalised one, it’s one of a kind. Meaning that, it’s hard for other people to guess where you buy it. Moreover, you can simply copy down whatever you saw on Pinterest or Deviantart as part of your collections. Best of all, you can always create your own gifts without having the hassle to do window-shopping. Man, that’s tiring.


What I like about Printcious is you have the ‘power’ to edit the premade design that suit your preference. If you don’t like the color or design, you can simply make a minor edit using their online editing tool. No installation required as everything will be done on their website, and it’s online.


So, what I did was to choose this design for my cushion pillow case, select pink colour, and did minor edit with the design.


The tool is simple to use. Just make sure everything is within the safety lines because that’s where you will have your printed artwork. Anything beyond the safety lines will not be printed. You can also upload a new image, too! It’s easy, and fast!


Once you’re satisfied with the design, you can proceed to checkout. You can key-in the coupon code (if any) upon checkout. You can pay using Debit/Credit cards, or bank transfer/ATM into their Maybank account. Rest assured because their website is secured with SSL.

All orders are dispatched within 3 – 5 working days, but often significantly quicker. Thus, if you want to receive the gifts earlier, you can let them know during making order by putting down your remarks there. Free delivery is applicable for order above MYR 60 and valid for West Malaysia only. Those who are residing in Sabah and Sarawak have to pay shipping fee of MYR 15. Delivery is also made available to Singapore using a professional courier company engaged by Printcious Gifts (PCG).

Let’s Printcious today!

Printcious: Store | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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