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Shopping: Baby Rocker at ZLT Kids

This is a situation where parents would always have to ‘suffer’ sometimes. LOL! The baby rocker which I bought for my first child broke down last year because my first child (who is no longer a baby) sat on the rocker thinking that the rocker was strong enough to carry a 15kg kid. She ended up breaking the plastic handle as she’s way to heavy for a baby rocker to bear. Thus, I decided to buy a rocker that has the following features: 

  • Adjustable backrest, and calf-support,
  • Multiple recline seat level,
  • Rear stabiliser for rocking or static positions,
  • Comfort padded seat which can be removed, and washable,
  • Detachable toy bar,
  • Soothing vibration to calm the baby,
  • Easy installation,
  • Suitable for baby, and toddler,
  • Can support up to 15kg,
  • Safety belt or restrainer,
  • Portable,
  • Lightweight, even though it’s made from metal,
  • Budget allocated including shipping is RM200. (max.), and
  • Must be in pink colour

I was very happy to find a baby rocker that met my specifications at ZLT Kids. This online store has tons of stuff for your kids which you can buy at a very affordable price. Apart from that, you don’t have to worry about being cheated as this store is verified, and registered with Lazada. You can always ask for a return if the item/s you ordered is/are damaged, and Lazada will bear the shipping cost.

Pink baby rocker sold at ZLT Kids online store.

The baby rocker met almost all the specifications, and the selling price is quite affordable, too. It’s also cheaper than the one sold in physical store. The rocker sold at ZLT Kids weights 6kg only, and it can carry up to 18kg. It’s made of metal with removable and washable padded cushion. Besides, the reclining seat can be used during feeding, and napping. The rocker is equipped with detachable toy bar with music (but I couldn’t hear the music unless I put it nearer to my ear), and 3-point restrainer to secure the baby from falling off the rocker.

The baby rocker is equipped with multi-reclining seat level. Just push the green button to adjust.
The baby rocker is made of metal, and very easy to install.

I placed an order for one (1) unit of ZLT Baby-to-Toddler Rocker from ZLT Kids @ Lazada after comparing a few other baby rockers that are available at Lazada. The order was made on 20 January 2015 with order #304883539. The rocker was sent using GDex, and it reached on 22 January 2015. Very fast delivery indeed, and without any defects. The baby rocker received has the same features as in the photo posted on the store.

You can also find ZLT (Zara Little Tots) online store at where you will find more stuff for your baby, and toddler! Be sure to check it out.

The calming vibrator is installed under the seat. The only drawback is the vibrator usually drained the battery.
Safety belt or 3-point restrainer is there to ensure that baby doesn’t fall from the rocker.

The Verdict

It’s been a month since I last received the baby rocker, and I must say that this baby rocker is worth buying. It can even fit into the car, and I don’t have problem bringing it along everywhere. The only drawback is the vibrator is not ‘battery-friendly’ enough. It can also carry my eldest daughter who is currently weight at 15kg. The baby rocker is value for money, and great for parents who have to use their foot to rock their baby to sleep while watching TV. LOL!

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