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Shopping: A Unique Way to Say ‘I Love You’ with Printcious

Have you ever received a personalized gift? What would you feel when your friend or special on give you a personalized gift? Everybody loves getting a personalized gift because it is the best gift as it is created after the person’s own thought with a nice touch. In fact, personalized does not have to mean something that has his initials or name on it but sometimes it needs to be one of a kind which cannot simply bought from the store. So, where can you find a reliable online printing service on personalized gift?

There are a lot online printing services that offer personalized gift but the most famous brand in Malaysia and Singapore is Printcious. You can find a variety of personalized gift items such as T-shirts, mugs, puzzles, phone cases, cushions, mousepads, ceramic tiles and mini tees. These items are suitable for gift-giving occasions such as birthday, wedding, graduation, anniversary or corporate events.

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Printcious has more than 3,500 collections under 8 categories, and I bet the list is growing. You can shop for pre-made, or create your own. If you think the price is quite higher than the usual one that you can get from store, remember, those things which you can get easily are mass-produced. As for personalised one, it’s one of a kind. Meaning that, it’s hard for other people to guess where you buy it. Moreover, you can simply copy down whatever you saw on Pinterest or Deviantart as part of your collections. Best of all, you can always create your own gifts without having the hassle to do window-shopping. Man, that’s tiring. With Printcious, everything is one click away! – Precious Gifts From Your Heart

How to personalize a gift? First of all, you need to sign up for their free account. You can create an account with Printcious here. You have 2 options, either you want to sign up via your Facebook account, or just create an account using your email address. Make sure to have a valid email address because the system will send a verification email to the email that you provide during registration. – Precious Gifts From Your Heart

After completing the verification, and so on. You can now browse for personalized gift. If you decided to get yourself a custom-made, Printcious has a very user-friendly online customization tool for you to use. You don’t have to have all the technical knowledge because it only involves upload, drag and drop, arrange, and then submit. You can also grab a photo from your Instagram, or Facebook to have it printed as gift, too! The tool is simple to use. Just make sure everything is within the safety lines because that’s where you will have your printed artwork. Anything beyond the safety lines will not be printed.  It’s so easy! – Precious Gifts From Your Heart

What if you’re on the run? There are tons of designed and limited edition designs available for you to choose. You can always choose one of them. For instance, I’ve decided to choose a pre-made which has been designed by Conceptitude. You can check for more designs by the artist because each design is linked to the artist’s personal page on Printcious. – Precious Gifts From Your Heart

What I like about Printcious is you have the ‘power’ to edit the pre-made design that suit your preference. If you don’t like the colour or design, you can simply make a minor edit using their online editing tool. No installation required as everything will be done on their website, and it’s online.

Once you’re satisfied with the design, you can proceed to checkout. You can key-in the coupon code (if any) upon checkout. You can pay using Debit/Credit cards, or bank transfer/ATM into their Maybank account. Rest assured because their website is secured with SSL.

All orders are dispatched within 3 – 5 working days, but often significantly quicker. Thus, if you want to receive the gifts earlier, you can let them know during making order by putting down your remarks there. Free delivery is applicable for order above MYR 60 and valid for West Malaysia only. Those who are residing in Sabah and Sarawak have to pay shipping fee of MYR 15. Delivery is also made available to Singapore using a professional courier company engaged by Printcious Gifts (PCG).

Get yourself a personalized gift at – Precious Gifts From Your Heart!

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