Shopping: 10 Favourite Products You Should Buy From ezbuy!

It’s almost the end of 2016, and there are a lot of sales going on at the moment. I have been eyeing for some items which can be easily bought from ezbuy. If you are a make-up artist, or make-up junkie, you will find most of the beauty tools available on ezbuy. Most of them are reputable merchants which ensure that you will never be scammed by irresponsible merchants. Let’s take a look at my 10 favourite products to buy from ezbuy.

#1 – Portable Velcro Professional Make-Up Case

Every make-up artist’s worst nightmare is when they realized that their precious cosmetics have been damaged during travelling. This portable cosmetics bag ensure all cosmetics are in good condition. The chic and sleek design has internal compartments that can be adjusted. I find this is a great make-up case because of its downright beautiful and amazing. Apart from that, this case features a brush holder in which I can easily find the brushes whenever I need to use it during my make-up job. I love how the compartments keep things organized.

#2 – Pony Effect Magnetic Professional Make-Up Brush Set

You might have heard Rae Morris The Rae Frame. It is basically similar to this one, but Rae version has been in the market since 2014. Pony Effect version has just landed in the market in April 2016, and it is much much cheaper than Rae’s. This is a cool set of make-up brush which I would not mind having something like this for myself. I think it’s pretty convenient and it is a must-have for those who are make-up junkies.

#3 – Clip-On LED Selfie Ring

Great photos are all about lighting, and this handy clip-on LED selfie ring is a must especially when you love to take selfies! This is one of my favourite products which can be bought from ezbuy. As a make-up artist, I need a mini portable lighting when taking photos of my clients. The best thing about this selfie ring is the ability to select the intensity of the light you want. It can also be attached to any mobile devices, just clip on the phone, and you’re set to take amazing selfies!

#4 – Pink Macarons Planner

I have had many years of the black leather planners, and I’ve decided to get myself a pastel-colored planner. Pink has been my favourite colour and this planner serves my purpose well. It’s hard to live without a planner as I have to schedule my appointments with clients, and also some other matters which need attention. A nice planner will never let me go astray, but a little style does not hurt, too!

#5 – Magnetic Bracelet for Bobby Pins

This simple adjustable silicone bracelet with magnet to hold the bobby pins is my most favourite products which should be bought from ezbuy. It makes my job easier as it helps me to stay on time, and not wandering around to look for the bobby pins. This mini gadget is so affordable and great value for money! Oh, it’s also works great to hold needles and pins.

#6 – Pigmented Glitter Loose Eyeshadows

Who does not love bright and beautiful glitter? It’s a trend, and everybody is going for glitters. Thanks to Instagram for making glitters popular again. Glitter eyeshadows can be applied lightly or heavy as long as primer is applied beforehand. Why I love this product? It’s because it makes the eyes bigger, brighter, and noticeable. In fact, most of my clients love to have glittering eyes.

#7 – Professional Stainless Steel Make-Up Mixing Palette

This is what every professional make-up artist should have. This stainless steel mixing palette can be used to mix foundations to get the perfect shade that match my client’s skin colour. Apart from that, it can be used to mix various lipstick colours to achieve new colour. This mixing palette does not rust, and can be cleaned with warm water and soap. It’s very convenient, and I don’t have to end up with stains on my hand everytime I finished my make-up job.

#8 – Portable Vanity Box

This lightweight and easy to carry around vanity box is perfect for make-up artists who are always doing outdoor make-up job, where there’s no proper lighting and mirror available. It does not only stand as storing make-ups but also equipped with lighting. This is definitely one of my favourite products from ezbuy which I would recommend other make-up artists or makeup junkies to buy!

#9 – Makeup Brushes Dryer Holder

Cleaning the brushes is a must to prevent bacteria that would lead to skin problems. But, protecting the shape of the bristles after washing is also important to ensure that they are kept in their shape. I always create a huge mess on the counter table when I lay the brushes out to dry but with this make-up brushes dryer holder, I can easily put them upside down to make them dry faster and neatly. It’s really handy!

#10 – 100% Real Hair Cosmetology Mannequin

Practise makes perfect! A professional make-up artist needs to always keep themselves updated as well as learn new techniques from others. This 100% real hair head mannequin is perfect to be used as learning tool. I find this one affordable which can be bought from ezbuy. Value for money!

These are just some of the things which you can buy from Taobao via ezbuy. You can also find more great stuff within your budget, I guess you would love to check Everything Under MYR19.90 section because it has a great selection of affordable stuff. It’s a must-have section for you! Here’s another secret that I would love to share with you, there’s a section called as Super Value Online Store which you can find 50% Off Fashion Essentials. This is a great place for those who want to stay up with the trends without burning a hole in the pocket. Be sure to check it out, you sure don’t want to miss out this offer. Want to get FREE RM15 Shopping Voucher with ezbuy? Sign up for your ezbuy account here.


The are a variety of products available via ezbuy Prime, and everything that you need to buy is available at Prime because ezbuy would only choose to collaborate with more established and reputable merchants to ensure the quality service to their customers. In fact, ezbuy puts Prime orders on top priority as your estimated time of arrival (ETA) is reflected on your order, and they will ensure that your order will be shipped on-time.

Worried about the shipping fee? Here’s a great deal from ezbuy. With Prime Membership, you can enjoy a flat rate of MYR8.80 on shipping fee. Regardless of the total quantity, weight or size of the items you ordered, the total international shipping fee is MYR8.80 net per checkout for Prime eligible items. You can find out more benefits of Prime membership here.

Before you can even shop with Prime Membership, you will need an account with ezbuy. Don’t have account with ezbuy yet? All you need to do is sign up for your ezbuy account here, and you can enjoy a RM15 FREE Shopping Voucher.

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