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This is another situation where I was too tired (and lazy) to cook for dinner. I also didn’t get the chance to stop at the drive-thru as I was in a hurry going back home. As I reached home, I thought of having Pizza for dinner but as I was waiting for Mr. Hubby to reply my message, I went browsing for some recipes (just in case he wanted to have something else for dinner). But then, I received a LINE notifications, and it was from KFC. 

I love to do things via online – paying bills, loans, ordering, shopping, etc. Why? It’s because I hate waiting for more than 15 minutes. So, I feel really nice when I can now order my #SoGood meals via! I no longer have to order my #SoGood meals by phone. Thank you so much for being #SoGood to your customers (especially who don’t like to talk over the phone. Haha!). I can save my fuel, and have more time relax.

The system is rather easy to use. All you have to do is register yourself with a valid email address. You can place order by stating your location, contact number, and name. The system would give you the ‘estimated delivery time’ for your order to reach your place. I was a bit surprised when I saw that ’60 minutes’ for the order to reach me because the distance of the nearest KFC outlet was just about 2km.

As simple as 1-2-3…

The system sent me a confirmation email after I confirmed my order. I chose to pay cash on delivery (COD). I later received a call from their staff regarding my order, and informed me that my order should reach me within 20 minutes. Glad to hear that it was not 60 minutes. LOL!


The total amount paid was RM24.95 for 5 pieces of Chicken (Spicy), and that inclusive of delivery charge (RM3.00), and GST 6% (RM1.25). I opted to have more chilli sachets. The deliveryman informed me that they were having problem with the computer system that they had to take order manually. I think it’s acceptable since the system is pretty new. Overall, I’d love to place online order with KFC Delivery again. I received my order in a thick box, and warm.

…thick box, similar to Pizza Hut one.

Still hot, and crispy.

Sia buat korang lapar? XD

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