Service: Great Experience with DIGI Helpline

Great Experience With DIGI Customer Service

I may no longer have account with DIGI telco service, but I’m very satisfied with their excellent service. Why? I recently terminate my account with DIGI due to some personal reasons. I had been with DIGI since 2009, and I’m very happy with their friendly service even though I wished to eat them alive as the line was so suck in some parts of Sabah. I might switch back to DIGI if the current one has bad customer service.

Terminating a service account can be very hassle especially when the company’s policy does not allow termination to be done online due to some security reasons. I actually hate to wait for more than 15 minutes, and I actually experienced it when I wanted to terminate my account with DIGI. I was at DIGI counter in 1Borneo Hypermall, Kota Kinabalu, and it took about 42 minutes for me to wait my turn to be served. There were 2 counters opened during that time, and there were 15 people waiting in line to be served. I wished there were special counters opened during that time to reduce the congestion.

Great Experience With DIGI Customer Service

Anyway, it didn’t take long for me to terminate my account with DIGI as the sales personnel is very friendly, and fast in doing his work. I had my account terminated within 7 minutes. The personnel informed me that they will send a bill on pro rata basis in the following month, and I need to bring it to the counter to make the last monthly payment.

Great Experience With DIGI Customer Service
They will require to verify if you’re the owner of the account.

Great Experience With DIGI Customer Service

I didn’t receive my final bill last month, and I decided to ask DIGI Helpline if they can send me my final bill. Their customer service then asked me to furnish details to verify that I’m the owner. DIGI Helpline can also be accessed via Twitter but I’d prefer to settle it via e-mail so I can keep myself a record just in case there’s something wrong when dealing with the Helpline. Plus, I can have more privacy. *Teehee*

Great Experience With DIGI Customer Service
Thank you, Mr. Yap!
Great Experience With DIGI Customer Service
They will always generate this once they have received email from their customers.

Frankly speaking, I love their friendly customer service, be it offline or online. They are also fast in serving customer online (I have to exclude the counter service because I took more than 15 minutes in waiting line. LOL!). In fact, I love how DIGI Helpline respond to my enquiries even when it’s a public holiday. Even though I may no longer be with DIGI, they still entertain me as if I still have account with them. In fact, I may not hesitate to turn to DIGI again in the near future.

Well done, DIGI Helpline!

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