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Are you looking for a place to redeem beauty products for free? Finding hard times to decide where to buy your beauty supply at the lowest market price? You can now have them in one place because Favful knows the problems that every one of us are having when we are making our purchase decision.

With Favful, you can always be a smart consumer when it comes to pricing. The purchasing power is in your hand as you can compare prices of the same product from more than 800 stores, and buy from the cheapest market price. The site has also compiled reviews from trusted sites which saved you more time on analysing and gathering information.

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You can also get more tips on beauty and which products are on trends at the moment. Moreover, this site helps you a lot when deciding which is the best for your skin without having to experience worst nightmare due to wrong skin care products or wasting money buying products that do not give the result you’re looking for.


The best thing about this site is you can get rewarded for reviewing the products that you used. Yes, you need to write a honest review about the product to eligible yourself a 50 points. One review entitles 50 points. For a review to be approved, it’s better to post with a photo of you using the product. Fret not. If you’re unsure what to write in your review? Favful has a few tips for you when you’re writing a review. Just follow to have your reviews approved in no time.

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It’s not easy to earn the points because each submission will be reviewed first before they can grant you the points but once your review is approved, Favful will you can use the accumulated points to redeem any beauty products listed on Favful. You can start to redeem the beauty products starting from 300 points. There are more than 18,000 products you can redeem.

Want to start getting beauty products for free? Hop on to Favful and get yourself an account to start collecting points now. Don’t forget to download Favful app which is available for Android and iOS.

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