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Sample Store

You must have heard of Sample Store before, right? For those who are not familiar with Sample Store, this site is all about sample and giving some reviews. It’s a pitstop for beauty junkies to get their samples and write reviews. It’s a good place to substitute blogging platform, just in case you want an easy way to post reviews on products that you have tried.

The process of getting a few free samples from Sample Store is very easy because the system is designed to be end-user friendly. There is no complicated technical jargons, just a very simple English which you can understand. Just sign up for a free account, verify, log in, and answer a few questions. What are the questions? You need to tell them where you live, and how they can contact you just in case you are selected for additional free samples. To reach that level, you need to be active. Not a doormat dormant user.

Sample Store

There are more than 400 brands, and 1,000 items available for you to redeem. In order to make sure that you don’t trick them by asking free sample (but you don’t bother to write proper reviews), Sample Store has made a point-based system where you only earn points every time you rate and review the products. The accumulated points can be used to redeem other sample products. They give 1 point for every review that you give. So sikit that 1 point? It may look like almost to 0, but you can actually redeem a full size product once you accumulate the points. Don’t be a dormant, keep earning some points. It isn’t hard to do so.

Sample Store

Here’s the bad news. You are only entitled to one (1) sample order every day, and to one (1) bundle of sample for each product. This is to prevent greedy beauty junkies from getting all the fun for themselves; leaving you and the others with disappointment. Due to the limited quantity, your account is only entitled to 1 unique free sample. You can check out up to 4 free samples in each checkout. Some clever people actually make a few accounts using different email address. But they were discovered for cheating, and blacklisted. You surely don’t want to end up getting blacklisted by Sample Store, right?

Sample Store

Another bad news. You still need to pay for the handling fee which is $5.99. Those people who deliver your orders are not free, anyway. They also need to work to earn living. You can ditch the intention to get free sample using multiple accounts. For free samples, they are fully paid for and there are no additional charges to deliver the free samples.

Bad news, again… Sample Store is only available for those who are staying in Singapore. The need your Singapore address and 8-digit contact number.

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