Zhuco Cosmetics Lippie Matte Cream

Review: Zhuco Cosmetics Lippie Matte Cream (Sabah)

I was first introduced with Zhuco Cosmetics Lippie Matte Cream by a friend of mine, Ivee, who is also a talented make-up artist which I have known for a few years. I love how the colour stay on her lips in vogue and with a class. This may not be the famous the overlord Kylie Jenner’s lippie product but this ultra-pigmented matte formula made by another Sabahan entrepreneur, Zura Anwar, really caught my attention. So, I personally (and being a mystery online shopper. Haha!) bought 4 shades of Zhuco Cosmetics from their online store. Interested to know more about what I think about those lippie matte cream? Well, you need to continue reading this post.

Zhuco Cosmetics Lippie Matte Cream

What They Say

Zhuco Cosmetics® started from a deep passion and dream to make a perfection of a beauty by making the best lippie matte cream ever! Our lippie matte cream is made up from a very high quality ingredients, never tested on animals and follows the FDA standard. It feels light on your lips, very pigmented, soft, hydrates your lips and has a nice sweet vanilla scent. I’m sure it is a dream of all girls to be simple but beautiful. Now, we will show you how the swatch of our lippie matte cream will make you pretty even without a heavy makeup on your face! Are you with me ladies?

Available shades: #01 Autumn, #02 Cupcake, #03 Summer, #04 Milky Way, #05 Choco, #06 Lollipop, #07 LOL, #08 Amor, #09 Aurora, #10 Caramel, #11 Diva, #12 Urban, #13 Mystery, #14 Smokey.

Their latest upcoming shades include: #15 Waffle, #16 Krush, #17 Unicorn, #18 T.O.P, #19 Macaroon, #20 Ice Cream, #21 PCY, #22 Move On, #23 Coffee.

Zhuco Cosmetics Lippie Matte Cream

What I Say

While most people would show off how this lippie matte cream gorgeously glides on their lips, I have decided to review from a different perspective. Basically, all liquid lipsticks are not glossy because they contain less wax like those conventional bullet lipticks. Yet, these liquid lipsticks have more oils and polymers that they dry down with almost chalky and matte finish. Since this type of lipstick can show up those flaky lips, it is important to use a lip scrub first. Then, apply layers of liquid lipstick, not just slapping one big chunk of liquid on the lips.

Zhuco Cosmetics Lippie Matte Cream

I bought myself 4 shades of Zhuco Cosmetics Matte Lippie Cream recently – #01 Autumn, #03 Summer, #08 Amor, and #11 Diva. Each of these lippie cream is housed in a dark brown box that has clearly printed out the brand name, shade code number, ingredients, and details of the company. The link to their online store is also available for those who would like to check for their products.

Zhuco Cosmetics Lippie Matte Cream

Their Lippie Matte Cream comes in a very tightly secured tube. It’s quite hard to open but I think it’s the best option especially when nobody wanted to have their make-up bag messed with lipstick stains. That’s why I would ditch buying bullet lipstick which always end up enjoying itself smudging inside the bag. It can be frustrating especially when it happens to my favourite lipstick. Moreoever, this lippie cream from Zhuco Cosmetics has a doe foot shape applicator which is easy to apply. I usually use the pointy tip to line my lips and then filled the lips with the ‘doe foot’. I give one star for Zhuco Cosmetics Lippie Matte Cream for its exclusive packaging.

The formula is very impressive as it is not too watery and not too creamy. It has a sweet scent which is quite vanilla-ish and reminds me of NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. Moreover, this lippie cream is so creamy that it is easy to glide on the lips, then dries down instantly to a very ultra matte that does not budge for a whooping of 8 hours. Apart from that, this creamy lippie does not cake up as I applied more layers. The best thing about the formula that it does not dry up the lips or make my lips feel uncomfortable.

Zhuco Cosmetics Lippie Matte Cream

I always love to mix the shades to get a new one, and that’s why I bought 4 shades with the lightest available shade #01. To be frank enough, I love mix-ability of these lippie creams and it is recommended to buy more than one shades from Zhuco Cosmetics so that you can simply get more than one shades and match your lippie with your outfits.

Zhuco Cosmetics Lippie Matte Cream

This lippie cream is recommended for those who would love to have a long-lasting matte look without the fear that the lipstick would wear-off after sipping your favourite Starbucks drink. This is also recommended for make-up artists who would want to ensure their client does not have to worry about their lipstick. It’s quite hard to remove with water, so I have to remove it using make-up remover. Zhuco Cosmetics Lippie Matte Cream has 23 shades to choose from and each of them is perfect for any occasions, and skin colors.

What are you waiting? Grab your Lippie Matte Cream today, and support your local products. International order is also available. Kindly contact Zhuco Cosmetics for more details.

Where To Buy

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