TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil

Review: TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil

I am a big fan of Korean double cleansing method. It involves cleansing the face starting out with an oil cleanser followed by a foaming cleanser to properly and thoroughly cleanse your face. The double cleansing method is one of the most effective ways to cut through all the excess sebum, makeup, and build-up on your face, without stripping the natural moisture of your skin. The idea is simple – Oil attracts Oil. For those who are experiencing acne prone or oily skin, this double cleansing method is essential to minimize breakouts.  

Today, we’re going to talk about oil cleanser (and the product which I received just a few days ago), which is the first step in Korean double cleansing method. Basically, oil cleansers contain emulsifiers that allow them to rinse off all that sebum and residues. However, not all cleansing oils are suitable for our skin as some may contain rich oils that block the pores and end up resulting in a breakout. In fact, most cheap cleansing oils contain mineral oil as key ingredient which block the pores, thus trigger breakouts. Last but not least, you need to be careful with the fragrance, too. Fragrance can trigger breakouts, inflammation, and produce more oil. For those who have sensitive skin, it is best to choose fragrance-free cleansing oil so that your skin would not be irritated.

TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil

Oil cleanser is usually applied on dry skin. You can simply warm the oil in your palms first before massage it onto your skin for about 1 minute. After that, wet your hands with water, preferably warm water, and massage your face for another 1 minute. When we say massage, we are doing it in circular motion, pulling the skin in upwards. Notice that the oil once mixed with water will produce a milky white emulsion. Rinse off with water before proceed with the facial cleanser. You can find out more about Korean double cleansing method here. Okay. Let’s check out this TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil, and what I think about this cleansing oil.

TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil

What They Say

TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil has an all-natural formula, comprising of high quality Virgin Coconut Oil. It is an excellent cleansing option for all skin types, washes away excess sebum oil without drying the skin. The cleanser is formulated using VCO, Licorice Root Extract and Vitamin E that create 3-in-1 functions; remove make up, cleanse and moisturize the skin for a fresher and supple skin. The unique combination with licorice extract helps to reduce fine lines and spots, and improve the skin tone. This special formulation is safe to use on sensitive skin too.

Tested under dermatological control. Cruelty FREE, Paraben FREE and Fragrance FREE.
TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil
Key Ingredients
  • Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) – A great natural moisturizer. Contains lauric acid which is popular with its antimicrobial and disinfectant properties, helping to keep pores clean and prevent blemishes.
  • Vitamin E – Conditions the skin, great for diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and spots.
  • Licorice Root Extract – Contains glabridin which helps to diminish the appearance of dark under eye circles, discoloration and age spots. Traditionally used for skin brightening.
  • Oilve Oil Esters – An additional cleansing agent which is safe to be used around the eyes. It offers anti-inflammatory properties and help to curbing the excessive production of oils.
How to apply
  • Clean and nourish your skin with 3 simple steps:
    • Apply onto dry skin. Massage in circulation.
    • Add a little water to create a milky emulsion and continue massage.
    • Rinse thoroughly with water.
When to use: Twice a day or everytime you want to remove your make up.
Who can use
  • Anyone who wear make up or do not wear make up.
  • Anyone who care about their skin.
  • Anyone who prefer natural products for their skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil

What I Say

TROPIKA comes in a package with a very straight-forward description. I find it’s pretty helpful. I love the packaging as it does not comes in a fancy one, more simple and nice design. The product comes in a squeezy bottle, and the oil is quite runny. TROPIKA includes botanical extracts such as eucalyptus, ginger, and olive oil to combine with their virgin coconut oil. All ingredients are sourced from Malaysia, and all are free from chemicals and pesticides.

TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil

TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil has a gorgeous tropical scent, not simply a coconut scent. I love the texture because it does not make my skin feels greasy, and it is easy to rinse off, too! I only need 3-4 drops of this cleansing oil to massage on my dry face and neck. Milky texture can be achieved by adding a little water and gently massage the skin. It’s really soothing and I just loved it! In fact, I like this product because it really easy to rinse off without leaving my skin feeling tight and very dry. It just feels so soft and hydrated. No breakouts everytime after using TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil.

TROPIKA Face Cleansing Oil

One thing that I love about this cleansing oil is how it treats my skin by removing impurities, make-up, and oil residues. It just leave my skin really fresh, soft, and squeaky clean. Oh, I also love the fact that this product is paraben-free, and fragrance-free. Though it may not be able to remove 100% make-up residues alone (especially foundation, eyes mascara, and BB cream), this cleansing oil is perfect to be used as second cleanser, after using cleansing balm to remove the make-up residues. The price is very affordable considering its natural ingredients which usually can hit to a ‘very expensive’ price.

My Final Verdict

I actually love this product, and it is a really good oil cleanser even though it may not be able to remove make-up residues, fully and 100% cleaner. In fact, I love this because it acts as a good second cleanser as well as it does not strip off my skin natural moisturiser. Moreover, it does not leave my skin feels greasy, or dry. No breakouts, too! Definitely recommended because I’m going to repurchase this cool cleansing oil once I’m running out of it, definitely, for sure!

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