Review: theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Face Palette

theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Face Palette

My uncle and aunt returned from the States recently for a short holiday, and they got me a face palette from theBalm Cosmetics. Once of my favourite cosmetics brands as it gives me more convenient to do my make-up in just one palette. This is actually my second face palette from theBalm. My first one was theBalm Jovi Rockstar Face Palette which my hubby gave me before our big day. He actually surprised me with the face palette as I was talking non-stop about theBalm. I actually saved it as it has sentimental value. Ngam kasi masuk dalam muzium sudah tu makeup sia. Today’s post is about another theBalm face palette because I have been using it for some times now. Just like my cousin Sasha said, “Very pigmented!” and she almost took it away from me. LOL! When we talk about cosmetics, it can be an endless, non-stop, no full stop. Sampai bisuk pagi pun belum tentu kamirang siap cerita pasal make-up.

What They Say

Welcome aboard! TheBalm introduces its next, travel-friendly palette for the whole face—eyes, lips and cheeks. Your ticket to gorgeous makeup anywhere you go, Balm Voyage Vol. 2 packs a lot in one, lightweight travel companion: exclusive triple-milled eyeshadows that can be worn wet or dry, blush hues, creams for lips or cheeks, bronzer and highlighter. Set your sails toward sexy!

theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Face Palette

Palette Includes

  • 9 eyeshadows in Welcome (pale nude), Bienvenue (light golden), Bienvenido (gold-plated charcoal), Benvenuto (shimmering pink), Tervetuloa (terracotta), Welkom (deep emerald), Willkommen (bronze), Valkommen (shimmering deep brick), Failte (gold-flecked charcoal).
  • 1 highlighter/luminizer in Kuwakaribisha.
  • 1 bronzer in Croeso.
  • 2 blush shades in Huan Ying and Dobrodosli.
  • 2 lip and cheek creams in Bem-vindo and Vitajte.
  • Cheat sheet for perfect shade pairing.

theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Face Palette

What I Say

The packaging is similar to theBalm Jovi Face Palette except that the Jovi version has a more striking colour on its packaging as well as more eyeshadows than Voyage. However, I noticed that Voyage has contouring shades which is why it is perfect to be referred as a travel-friendly face palette. Plus, cheat sheet for shade pairing has always been theBalm’s signature which I always love because it is perfect for those who are beginner in make-up and do not have ideas on how to pair up the shades to get the look that is perfect for them.

The darker shades might be a little hard to blend but there is always a solution for that kind of problem. In fact, it is rather easier to apply using a wet brush and blend it. It is not advisable to blend it using finger, though. This convenient face palette is what I’m looking for because I can even use it when I’m in a hurry, in other words, when I have to do make-up when my hubby is driving. LOL! Trust me. I always do my make-up when we’re on a rush to attend a wedding reception.

I have no cons on this palette because it’s perfect for my needs. The only disadvantage is the pricing as I find that online stores do not have discounted offer for this palette, perhaps due to its ‘bestseller’ status? I’m not sure about it because the one which my aunt bought was sold for US$18.95 (RP: US$39.50). My suggestion is to buy during when they have offer only. Kalau tiada offer, rugi saja beli sebab kalau di sini Malaysia, harganya bulih sampai MYR230. 

My Verdict

theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Face Palette is the perfect travel palette because it has everything and the eyeshadows are so pigmented! It’s so adorable and lightweight. It has everything that I need for my day to night make-up. I only need to get my eye mascara and gel liner to complete my look. Pretty handy for me to bring along in my tote bag. Make sure to get authentic one because the imitation can never be as pigmented as the original. The price might be an issue but when it deals with the ingredients and skin, I would rather invest on aunthentic products than the imitation version. Recommended because it is one of my favourite and the brand’s bestseller face palette so far!

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