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Review: Tell The World (2015)

I was so excited when I finally received an email from The Adventist Church that the long awaiting film will be launched on 22nd October 2016. Why was 22nd October chosen? It’s the day when the Millerites were in great disappointment because of their belief that God would come on that day. Anyway, ‘Tell the World’ is a lengthy movie about the early movement and the birth of Seventh-Day Adventist.

Tell The World

What They Say

Tell the World is a unique fully dramatised cinematic production which powerfully tells the story of the birth and development of the early Advent movement. Shot on location it features an original musical score, and a full cast of professional actors and film crew. In an effort to make the film as real as possible, all 170 pages of the Tell the World script and the 200+ scenes were meticulously scrutinised for historical accuracy by three of the church’s foremost historians—Dr. Alan Lindsay, Prof. George R. Knight and Dr. Jim Nix of the Ellen G White Estate.

Tell The World

Highlighting the major events that shaped the early church over a 60 year period, the film traces the period from William Miller’s 1814 wartime experiences at the battle of Plattsburgh, through the rise of the Great Awakening and the disappointment of 1844, to the birth and formal organisation of the Seventh-day Adventist church and the consequent beginnings of its dynamic worldwide missionary movement in the 1870’s. As such, it provides wonderful insight into the dynamic characters that paved the way forward including William Miller, Joshua V. Himes, Ellen Harmon, Joseph Bates, James White and J.N. Andrews.

This is an amazing story full of pathos, drama, controversy, joy, sadness and inspiration, and consequently, needs to be told. Tell the World brings the story of these early pioneers comes to life as they wrestle to understand scripture, hotly debate theology and overcome bitter disappointment. See how God guided and inspired them in their earnest search for truth. Be reminded again of how God called a young lady, Ellen Harmon, to do a special work in leading the fledgling church.

Tell The World

Tell the world has been designed to have a worldwide appeal and it is envisaged that the film will be available for distribution in multiple languages, and suitable for global broadcast on Hope Channel. Thus, Tell the World is a powerful tool for all pastors, evangelists, teachers, schools, universities, lay people and youth, both for outreach and nurture.

“I believe we are all convinced that this film will be a tremendous spiritual encouragement to God’s People and the public” – Elder Ted Wilson (GC President)

“The journey of our founders is just one great story after another. They laid the foundation for a movement that God is still guiding today” – Prof. George R. Knight (Historian and Educator)

Tell The World

What I Say

The movie itself is based on true events, and it’s understandable that the producer wanted to squeeze in every single important events into a nice film. It’s a great effort, but it’s too lengthy. It would be great to have it in 2 parts. And, if you’re planning to screen this at your Church, make sure that you are separating it in 2 parts or you might find your church members trying hard to keep their eyes open.  I must say it is an interesting movie but with that 2-hour length, I spent 2 days to finish watching it.

The characters, though may have been chosen carefully to resemble the real pioneers, were great in playing their roles. Most of them amazingly portrayed the real people who actually lived. Despite of some criticisms made due to the actors’ attitude and history, I still find the actors were professional in their works because I watched the movie of how Ellen Harmon struggles to keep herself stronger for God; not watching what Tommie-Amber Pirie did in the past or what she might do in the future. Tommie only played the character, that does not mean she needs to be ‘Ellen’-ly in real life, too.

The movie which was financed by Australian Union Conference is a more intellectual concept, not an emotional one because it depicts more historical events than emotional value of each of the pioneers. In short, the movie is not about Ellen G. White’s life but more on the early movement, and the birth of Seventh-Day Adventist.

Tell The World

Where To Watch

You can actually watch for free on their Youtube, or you can register on the website to request for free materials to have the movie screened at your Church.

Tell The WorldWebsite | Facebook | Youtube


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