Review: Synergie Skin Practitioner Essential Vitamin A Serum

Vitamin A has been known to help smooth both wrinkles and fine lines for such a long time. Besides, this single-most important ingredient that repair, restore, and prevent damaged skin also helps to increase skin hydration and collagen production. However, our skin does not produce Vitamin A by itself, and that is why our skin becomes deficient over time because the sun depletes Vitamin A and this is one of the major reason that the super-exposed skin to sun damage age faster than those who do not. Thus, topical application of Vitamin A is needed in order to reduce the damage from sunlight.

Now, I’m no expert but a dabbler and I’m my own guinea pig. Today’s post is another review on Synergie Skin product line which has been delivered to me for review purpose. I used it for 14 days, and here’s my personal experience about this serum.

What They Say

An advanced night serum combining potent anti-ageing ingredient, Vitamin A (stabilised retinol) with the powerful antioxidant, Lycopene. This formula is active and penetrative, addressing skin concerns without the irritation. Highly stable and deeply penetrative, over 2,250 international units of pure stabilised retional are delivered per gram of Synergie Practitioner A+ serum.

Key Ingredients:

  • Stabilised Retinol (Rovisome™) benefits:
    1. Restores dermal thickness,
    2. Reduces visible sun damage,
    3. Promotes the formation of healthy blood vessels,
    4. Protects skin from UV damage,
    5. Restores the epidermal barrier,
    6. Regulates oil levels – aids in the management of acne,
    7. Reduces fine lines through collagen stimulation,
    8. Reduces skin hyper-pigmentation.
  • Lycopene (tomato skin extract) benefits:
    1. Helps to protect skin against environmental damage and ageing,
    2. A potent, topical antioxidant essential for skin health,
    3. Protective effects on fibroblasts cell lines exposed to UVA radiation,
    4. Reduction of the minimal erythemic dose causing sunburn.

Application: Apply one pump every evening to face and neck prior to moisturising. For optimal penetration, use with Rejuvaderm home roller.

Not recommended for individuals who are pregnant or lactating. Do not combine with Pure C crystals or Exfol-X serum.

What I Say

Synergie Skin Practitioner Essential Vitamin A Serum comes in an amber bottle with a dropper style dispenser. I notice that there is no instruction on how much product to use. So, I had to search on the Internet to find the information. That’s how I come to know that this product is not suitable for women who are pregnant or lactating.

Synergie Skin Practitioner Priority-B Essential Niacinamide Serum

I can say that the texture is smooth. The product is quite lightweight and it absorbs quite easily into my skin without feeling giving my skin with the tightness or greasy. I can feel the instant velvety feeling on my skin. Once the product get absorbed into my skin, I layered it with night cream and sunscreen (Yup. I usually wear sunscreen in the evening, too!). This product does not give me acne breakouts, and I can feel my skin is hydrated the next morning.

After 14 days of using this together with Synergie Skin Practitioner Priority-B Essential Niacinamide Serum, I notice that my skin has gotten smoother and softer to the touch. My old acne scars and spots are a little unnoticeable. I guess these spots will disappear if I continue using it in the long run. The retinol is a good thing that proven to work to help lighten the blemishes. This is the only retinol that I find with natural ingredients that even sensitive skin can use because it does not contain paraben, fragrances, SLS, and PEG. It is a winner!

My Verdict

This serum is a good catch especially when you are looking for a serum that help to restore healthier collagen fibers by accelerating slow or irregular cellular turnover as well as reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation. This is recommended product because I simply feel the effects from the first application onto my skin. This serum may help to reduce skin damage caused by UV rays, too. However, I would not recommend this to women who are pregnant or lactating.

You can simply get this serum by dropping a contact with Cosderm Sdn. Bhd. They will recommend you to the nearest clinic with available stock.

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