Review: SNP Amazing CC Cream 40gm

I received my SNP Color Capsule (CC) Cream about 2 weeks ago, and I had not blogged about it. I promised BeUShop Malaysia that I’m going to blog about their CC Cream once I received them. First and foremost, I would love to thank BeUShop for the gift. I was very excited when receiving it. I never thought that it would be delivered ASAP. Thank you so much, BeUShop Malaysia! 

The parcel came with SNP CC Cream, with 2 other sample creams. All items are imported from Korea as the packaging are all written in Korean language. Thanks for the translation, BeUShop. You’ve saved me from ‘googling’ how to use those items. I guess I need to learn Korean language soon! My hubby was having a good laugh when he saw that ‘Pore Contraction’ as we were chatting about pregnancy contractions. 
What they say?
  • KFDA functional cosmetics. Anti-wrinkle function + whitening + UV protection. Color capsule is burst when applying to the face, and it adjusts skin tone naturally, covering skin problem to maintain bright and shiny skin.
  • Efficacy: It protects the skin from UV rays (SPF25 PA + +). It improves wrinkles and skin whitening.
  • This product has functions of wrinkle improvement and skin whitening as well as life UV ray blocking. It makes the skin vital and prevents evaporation of absorbed moisture since it contains ginkgo leaf. As it contains argan tree kernel oil, it provides nutrient and resilience to the skin.
  • 7 in 1 All in one Day Cream. Moisture + vitality + tone adjustment + cover + primer + makeup base + suns block.
  • No. 2 : Natural beige product is good for dark skin tone with freckles and blemishes. It makes the skin tone healthy and resilient.

Main Ingredients:
  • Niacinamide: KFDA notified whitening functional ingredient, Niaciamide is water-soluble vitamin B complex. It makes the skin clear, preventing oxidation as well as maintaining skin health. Depending on concentration, it has effects of skin whitening, acne reduction, anti-aging of skin, and skin layer reinforcement. It improves oily trouble skin and promotes collagen secretion, skin resilience and skin tone.
  • Adenosine: KFDA notified anti-wrinkle ingredient, Adenosine directly involves in growth, division and homeostasis of cells. It is important ingredient which controls various metabolisms, existing in small amounts in plant. 
    • Adenosine has functions of cell division, anti-inflammation and wound healing. The most well known function is anti wrinkle effect, adenosine promotes collagen synthesis in dermis, reducing wrinkles as well as recovering resilience. 
  • Ginkgo extract: It is extracted from ginkgo, improving blood circulation, making the skin clear and fresh. 
  • Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract: Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract contains retinol ingredient, it has anti anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effect by inhibiting free oxygen radicals. 
  • Ceramides: Ceramide inhibits evaporation of water in the skin to maintain moisture, and also it prevents foreign materials and bacteria from penetrating into the human body. 
  • Madonna lily flower extract: This ingredient is extracted from white lily flower, it purifies various impurities from the skin to normalize skin metabolism. 
  • Edelweiss extract: This ingredient is extracted from ‘Noble white’, Edelweiss, it has anti-oxidant activity and it inhibits free oxygen radicals that are generated by UV rays which produce melanin. Thus it makes the skin comfortable with effects of skin protection and skin soothing. It also has skin moisturising, whitening and anti wrinkle effects.
  • Mango seed butter: It has UV blocking effect with excellent moisturising effect. It can be used as moisturiser for very dry skin, preventing moisture evaporation. 
  • Argan tree kernel oil: It is called as God’s oil, since it is very effective for anti-aging and moisturising. It provides nutrition and moisturisation. 
The CC Cream comes in a ‘friendly-user’ tube which is easy to bring, and it really save the space in my makeup box as I have lots of foundations, and CC creams to suit with my clients’ skin type.

No more spill over cream! XD And this is currently my favourite CC cream which I love to apply on my face, and it won’t be fair if I only apply it on my face. Thus, I usually use this CC cream when I do make-up on my client’s. You might be interested to see the results.
Bridesmaid | Kota Belud, Sabah

Engagement | Penampang, Sabah

Dinner Makeover to attend her mother’s 78th Anniversary | Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Bride for Sanding Makeover | Tuaran, Sabah
Bride’s Aunt to attend wedding reception | Penampang, Sabah

Bridesmaid | Penammpang, Sabah
…and I can always have SNP CC Cream on my face even during hot sunny day because SNP CC Cream protects my skin from that harmful UV rays (SPF25 PA++)! Thanks, BeUShop Malaysia! 
I must say that SNP CC Cream is a great product to have! It can last longer, and doesn’t even make your skin dry or oily. You can always get this great product from BeUShop Malaysia at RM79.00 only. You can also use it with your favourite loose powder. It won’t leave you with that cakey look. Get your SNP Amazing CC Cream here.
SNP Amazing CC Cream
Price: RM79.00
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*I still have these unopened. Will only blog about these once I’ve finished trying Murad Age Reform kit! I even asked my hubby to try this! LOL!*

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