Shapee Hips Wrap Plus+

Review: Shapee Hips Wrap Plus+ (Post-Partum Recovery)

Most women are worried that they would have wider hips after pregnancy. It is unavoidable but the size can be shrinked to normal size, the size when you haven’t got pregnant. I am a Mom of 2 kids, and I still have my pre-pregnancy body. Well, I have a Grandma who is quite strict when it comes to post-partum. She (and she ‘allied’ with my mom) to ensure that I learn how to wear bengkung or traditional wrap (traditional girdle or even corset) during my confinement period, that is, 44 days. I had to bear the fact that I could not wash my hair during my confinement. No cakes, no biscuits, no cabbage, no juices, and not even fried foods during my confinement days. It was a strict one but the most challenging part was the traditional wrap! The worst situation was to unwrap when I had to go to pee. 

Despite of being a mom of 2 kids, I admit that I still have my flat tummy and my hips are still the same, just like before I got pregnant. All thanks to traditional wrap which my Grandma and mom taught me to wear. They even made sure that I wore it day and night. Most women cannot stand wearing the traditional wraps because it can be quite uncomfortable, and sometimes can lead to rashes and itchiness.

There are tons of modern wraps nowadays but most of them do not serve the purpose. Some are designed with low quality materials while most of them make the skin itchy and uncomfortable. So, I recently received this hips wrap from Shapee for review purpose. I wore it for 24-hour and only removed it today. Here’s what I experience after wearing it for 24 hours. I only unwrap it when I took my bath. *Teehee*

What They Say

Worried of having wider hips after baby? Shapee Hips Wrap Plus+ helps to narrow your hips after baby. It is designed with multiple levels of compression so you can control the amount of pressure on your hips & work towards the best  possible results. Start wearing it as soon as you are comfortable after delivery, and be prepared to collect plenty of compliments on how great you look.

  • Made of soft and breathable materials to provide most comfort to mothers.
  • Highly adjustable compression and support.
  • Supports all sides of the pelvis, pelvic floor, lower abdomen, hips and lower back.
  • Triple compression naturally narrows hips after baby.

What I Say

I usually find Hips or Pelvic wraps that are designed from Neoprene. La. Helena Postpartum Pelvic Correction Belt is designed with multiple levels of compression so you can control the amount of pressure on your hips & work towards the best possible results.

80%Polyester, 20%Spandex. With the breathable design, you can easily wear it under or over your clothing.

MUST be worn in the first 8 weeks after delivery to be effective. It is recommended that you wear the belt 6 – 8 hours a day, and then remove the belt at bedtime.

DO NOT wear the belt until all staples or stitches have been removed and you feel you have recovered from the delivery itself. If you feel any pain when wearing the belt, discontinue use until you can wear it again without any discomfort. DO NOT wear La. Helena Postpartum Pelvic Correction Belt while you are pregnant.

My Verdict

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