Review: Shapee Belly Wrap Basic (Post-Partum Recovery)

Shapee Belly Wrap Basic

There are many post-partum belly wraps available in the market nowadays. Thus, there are some aspects to consider before picking up the best post-partum belly wrap. For most women, the best post-partum belly wrap includes the following aspects: (i) Comfortability: A good belly wrap has to be skin-friendly that does not break out an itch or cut into the skin when wrapping it around the body; (ii) Invisibility: When we choose a belly wrap, it is important to have a belly wrap that is not noticeable because this belly wrap is going to be worn underneath the garment; and (iii) Durability: A good belly wrap should be durable and does not easily slip off when we do out daily tasks.

Today’s post is about Shapee Postpartum Belly Wrap Basic which I received weeks ago, and I have been wearing it ever since. I may not in my post-partum at the moment but the experience of wearing traditional belly wrap in the past has made me wanted to look for a comfortable belly wrap which I can finally recommend to other women.

Shapee Belly Wrap Basic

What They Say

Shapee Postpartum Belly Wrap Basic works instantly to restore your pre-baby figure. Its powerful stretch and compression help you lose inches fast so you can get back into your favourite pre-pregnancy outfits sooner. Start wearing it as soon as you are comfortable after delivery, and be prepared to collect plenty of compliments on how great you look.

  • Made of the finest elastic material with breathable fabric allowing you to move freely.
  • Helps support, enhance, and tone after natural birth, C-section, or postpartum abdominal surgeries.
  • Supports core abdominal muscles and helps uterus return to original size sooner.
  • Lose inches faster off your belly and waist.
  • Shrinks with you as you lose belly fat.
  • Helps improve breastfeeding posture.

Shapee Belly Wrap Basic

What I Say

Shapee Belly Wrap Basic comes in an adjustable pieces that address problem body parts such as belly and waist. It comes in just one size but it can be easily adjusted by loosening or tightening the belt. Unlike the old traditional wraps, I find this is more convenient as I don’t have to rush unwrapping the wrap whenever I feel like want to go into the toilet. You know that what I mean.

Shapee Belly Wrap Basic

This belly wrap is made of finest quality, lightweight and porous materials that make it so comfortable to wear instead of irritating the skin. No neoprene material, girls. It uses Velcro to make it more visible to be worn underneath the garment. Plus, it comes in nude colour!


The best thing about this belly wrap is the ‘bones’ that support the back. It supports a good body posture and perfect to be worn for those who are suffering from back pain. I love wearing this belly wrap as it does not restrict my movement especially when I’m doing my workout. It’s so perfect! Moreover, I find this belly wrap is great to be worn for those who have Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) post-partum. This is the cheapest and pleasant alternative to help close the gap than undergo a surgery.

How about the price? I must say the price is beyond my expectation. Very affordable, and it’s always within your budget. You can find the price here. It is recommended to buy both belly and pelvic wrap for maximum benefit.

My Verdict

This is the most affordable belly wrap and it’s comfortable, too! It does not only wraps around my body perfectly but also leave my skin without rashes or any redness. The materials are superb, unlike those cheap materials. Very adjustable and really help to firm up the belly. Perfect to be worn by those who wanted to shrink their waist size and bulging tummy. Recommended!

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