Review: Sabah Durian White Coffee

Sabah Durian White Coffee

I was at my parent’s home just now because the traffic jam was so bad. Tired and hungry, I head to the dining room where I saw Mum was sipping a cup of hot Milo while watching her favourite channel – CNN. Trust me. Her all-time favourite channels are AFC and CNN. Unlike me, I would rather watch Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese channels. Anyway, Mum asked me to make a cup of Durian white coffee which Dad bought last week. Dia suruh sia tulis review selepas sia sudah minum. Inda payah cakap banyak, dia nampak saja sia angkat camera sia, dia tau sudah tu sia mo gambar tu produk. So, here’s my personal review about this local product.

Sabah Durian White Coffee

What They Say

Nothing… Not available.

What I Say

The packaging is rather simple. Just like other local coffee brands which only mention the ingredients, manufacturer, and so on. They provide basic information about the product. It is rare to find local products that would have a brief description about the product – history, what consume needs to expect, etc. Something which can make the consumer imagine. Manatau minum tu kopi terus pandai relax sebab aroma kopi yang amat mengasyikkan. Anything that can differentiate one product from another.

Sabah Durian White Coffee

Each sachet contains 30g of 3-in-1 instant coffee mix (sugar + creamer + coffee). It dissolved easily. It has durian aromatic fragrant which I think quite acceptable. Tidak bikin pening kepala terutamanya bagi yang tidak pandai atau tidak suka makan durian atau bau durian. Since it comes in a 30g sachet, I had to add more water in it because it has a thick texture. I’m not keen to ‘too-sweet’ thingy so I pour more water in it. Minta maaf tapi sia memang tidak berapa suka yang terlampau manis sampai bulih buat bulu roma berdiri.

Sabah Durian White Coffee

I’m not sure if I would like to buy this but since it has a unique taste, I would say this is an acceptable Durian White Coffee from Sabah. It would be great if the packaging does not come out in ‘all-brown’ one because it can hinder people from noticing it on the rack. I’m not sure if I would recommend this to my Korean friends because I noticed that the taste has not much different from the other local products. The uniqueness is there but there is a missing piece that makes this product seems incomplete.

Sabah Durian White Coffee

Where To Buy

This product can be bought from local supermarkets.

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