Review: MenstruHeat Non-Medicated Menstrual Cramp Relief


Menstrual cramps are considered normal among women because all menstrual cycles involves the release of prostaglandin (PG) and uterine muscles contractions. Depending on the PG released, some women may experience with dysmenorrhea (bad cramps). Menstrual cramps are caused by several reasons which include low estrogen level, and low intake of magnesium. There are tons of treatments for menstrual cramps such as hot ginger tea, drinking a cup of hot garlic tea, or even take medicine to relieve the cramps. However, there is another solution in which you need not to consume. 

I recently received a package of 4 pieces of MenstruHeat from PSLOVE, and it was a total coincidence that I was having menstrual cramps on that day. So, I took the opportunity to try this product which is said to be a 100% natural heat therapy patch clinically-proven to relieve menstrual cramps. MenstruHeat is a product by a Singaporean-based company, PSLOVE. The brand has recently released an improved version of their product with better adhesive and ergonomics. Besides their MenstruHeat, they also have two (2) new products in-store: BackHeat, and NeckHeat.


What They Say

As a fellow menstrual cramp “sufferer”, I’ve always been on the search for a non-medicated remedy that is convenient yet effective. When I discovered that heat has been clinically proven to relieve the period pains, the idea for MenstruHeat was born. Our goal is to help ladies with period pains to live every day to their fullest.


Heat therapy is clinically-proven to relieve menstrual cramps. MenstruHeat is designed to fit ergonomically and quickly emit an optimum level of heat to relax the cramping uterine muscles. Simply tear open the packaging and once MenstruHeat is exposed to air, it will heat up within 5-10 minutes.


What I Say

MenstruHeat comes in a plastic pack which is easily tearable. I find the pack is travel-friendly as it is just the size of the palm, and it is not that thick. It can be easily put into the handbag. Very convenient! I love it. Besides, the pack includes all the information about the product – Very informative and attractive packaging. The instructions are clearly stated on the pack as well as on the label of the pad. I just love the product presentation.


I find it is easier to peel-off the label that protect the adhesive. MenstruHeat will start to heat up as it is exposed to the air. Besides, the pad is quite flat that nobody would even notice one is wearing it. It is easier to tear-and-stick. My first attempt was to stick directly onto my skin in which they said to be ‘most heat’. I did not find it’s too hot, and very relaxing. It just helped soothing with my menstrual cramps. In fact, I leave it on my skin for 18 hours and it really relieve my menstrual cramps. No itchy feeling even after removing the patch.


MenstruHeat provides immediate relief and it is odourless. It is so odourless that I do not have to worry that other people would notice that I am wearing a ‘Koyok’ (quack medicine). Yes. The one which you would stick on your sore muscles! To be frank enough, this MenstruHeat is just like ‘Koyok’ but this is rather therapeutic, soothing, and no-herbal-scent. Moreover, it lasted for a longer time!


My Verdict

This is a very recommended product for women who are suffering from menstrual cramps. It does not only act as cramps relief but also very relaxing. The price is also affordable, and the quality is superb. Very smooth, and does not irritate the skin. I would love to recommend this great products to women out there. You can now say goodbye to menstrual cramps (and menstrual medicine).

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