Review: Love, Lusie’s Lemon Calendula Facial Scrub

Love, Lusie's Lemon Calendula Facial Scrub

One of my favourite local delicacies is pickled Tuhau. For those who are not familiar with Tuhau, it’s something like Korean Kimchi. Tuhau (E.coccinea) is another species of Etlingera which can be found in Borneo. It’s actually a wild ginger which the Ibans would call it as ‘tepus‘. In today’s post, I would like to feature some of the beauty haul which I recently bought from Love Lusie. Read more to find out what I think about Love Lusie and their products with Tuhau extract.

In Borneo, other members of this genus are widely utilized as salad or used in traditional medicine. E. coccinea, which is locally known as “Tuhau”, is consumed as pickles and utilized as a traditional remedy for stomach ache, food poisoning and gastric problems. In a recent report, Poulsen (2006) described in detail the traditional uses of the species reported in this investigation as a food and traditional medicine of the indigenous communities. The young shoots, inflorescences, fruits and flower buds are consumed by the various indigenous communities as a condiment, eaten as salad, cooked, used as traditional medicine for the treatment of stomachache and ear-ache, as a wound cleanser, and post-partum for women as a bath infusion to remove body odor (Jeevani, Bhat & Alias, 2011; Heim, Tagliaferro & Bobilya, 2002).
SourceVairappan et al, Essential oil composition, cytotoxic and antibacterial activities of five Etlingera species from BorneoNatural Product Communications, Vol. 7 (2) 2012.

Pickled Tuhau is very famous in Sabah, and it is usually eaten with rice or vegetables. However, the smell can be quite strong for some people, something like a stink-bug, but it’s a delicious delicacy when mixed with rice or Ayam Masak Merah. *drooling* Anyway, I recently bought a few beauty scrubs from Love, Lusie. I’ve decided to write a review on the product individually so that you can have a closed look at the product itself. I’m sure you might be asking what’s so special about this 100% homemade beauty scrub with Tuhau extract.

Love, Lusie's Lemon Calendula Facial Scrub

What They Say

Love, Lusie’s Lemon Calendula Facial Scrub is best for skin that’s dry and flaky. Packed with goodness of lemon for brightening, Vitamin E oil and antioxidants from the Tuhau extract, this facial scrub is moisturising and gentle to your face.

What I Say

Love, Lusie’s Lemon Calendula Facial Scrub comes in a clear plastic jar with aluminium lid. The packaging is rather simple and straight-forward with the label printed on top of the lid. The label includes the name of the product, logo, and ingredients. It would be great if the label includes the website link for marketing purpose.

Love, Lusie's Lemon Calendula Facial Scrub

The product contains young Tuhau shoot extract but (don’t worry) it does not have that stink-bug smell. The facial scrub has a very refreshing scent of lemon calendula. I actually love the pleasant scent even though I was quite skeptical about the Tuhau scent at first. The price for a 100g jar is also considered as affordable. One jar is tagged at RM28 (USD7), and it can last up to a few months depending on the usage.

Love, Lusie's Lemon Calendula Facial Scrub

I have a combination skin, so I only applied it on dry areas only. I also tried by rubbing it on my elbows. This scrub actually removes dead skin cells perfectly and leave my skin soft. No reddish experienced. There’s a need to avoid using it on irritated skin because it contains salt. Besides, I don’t experience breakouts after using this product. It leaves my skin with refreshing and soft feeling. No taut feeling.

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