Review: LaZior MayterLynn Beverage Mix Purple Sweet Potato Powder with Oat Bran

LaZior MayterLynn Beverage Mix Purple Sweet Potato Powder with Oat Bran

Purple Sweet Potatoes are known to be low in carbohydrates, and fat. They are excellent source of fibre and vitamins as well as rich with anthocyanin. In fact, most Asians believe that purple sweet potatoes are good for health especially for pregnant moms. Purple sweet potatoes are also great for those who are looking forward to lose some weights because it contains multigrains that ensure the body absorbs important nutrients. I received this product a week ago, and decided to give it a try since it claimed to be very beneficial for the body and skin. Want to know what I think about this product? Read more for my honest opinion.

What They Say

Whether  it is breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner or supper, MayterLynn can drinks few cup a day instead of coffee, snack of high-calories beverage and food. Select a reasonable diet with MayterLynn can provide the energy the body needs, increase satiety, reduce the absorption of excess calories to achieve slimming effect.

LaZior MayterLynn Beverage Mix Purple Sweet Potato Powder with Oat Bran


  • Beauty detox diet helps reduce fat accumulation. 美容养颜排毒,帮助减肥 减少脂肪堆积
  • Help lower cholesterol, balancing blood sugar and improve immunity. 有助于降低胆固醇,平衡血糖,提高免疫力
  • Has  been proven as anti-cancer in the top ranked anti-cancer vegetables. 已被证明有抗癌性质,各列抗癌蔬菜榜首
  • Free radical scavenging capacity is 20 times the vitamin C and 50 times more vitamin E. 清除自由基的能力是维生素C的20倍,维生素E的50倍


  • Relieve constipation 缓解便秘
  • Reduce the risk of stroke 减低中风的风险
  • Maintain a healthy weight 保持健康体重
  • Reduce the risk of asthma 降低哮喘风险
  • Maintain healthy arteries 维持健康的动脉
  • Reduce the risk of diabetes 降低糖尿病的风险
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease 降低心脏病的风险
  • Reduce the risk of colon cancers 降低结肠癌的风险
  • Promote healthy blood pressure levels 促进健康的血压水平
  • Rich in fibres, keep sense of satiety 丰富的纤维,保持饱足感
  • Reduce the risk of Inflammatory diseases 降低炎症性疾病的风险
  • Provide necessary nutrients needed daily 提供每天所需的必须营养
  • Reduce gum disease and prevent tooth loss 减少牙龈疾病和防止牙齿脱落
  • Keep blood sugar balance and prevent blood sugar soaring 保持血糖平衡,防止血糖飙升

LaZior MayterLynn Beverage Mix Purple Sweet Potato Powder with Oat Bran

20 Types of Quality Ingredients

  • Wheat 小麦
  • lnulin 菊粉
  • Red Bean 红豆
  • Oat Bran 燕麦麸
  • Soy Bean 大豆
  • Buckwheat 荞麦
  • Green Bean 绿豆
  • Oat Flakes 燕麦片
  • Brown Rice 糙米
  • Black Bean 黑豆
  • Apple Fiber 苹果粉
  • Pearl Barley 薏仁
  • Sorghum Rice 高粱米
  • Black Sesame 黑芝麻
  • Soluble Fiber 可溶性纤维
  • Stevia  Extract 甜菊叶提取物
  • Black Eyed Pea 黑眼豌豆
  • Flaxseed Oil Powder 亚麻籽油粉
  • Black Glutinous Rice 黑糯米
  • Purple Sweet Potato Powder 紫薯粉

High Nutrients Value of Purple Sweet Potato

  • Vitamins 维生素
    • Lose  weigh 减肥
    • Anticancer 抗癌
  • Selenium 硒元素
    • Repair heart muscles 修补心肌
    • Strengthenthe function of immune system 提高免疫系统功能
  • Cellulose 纤维素
    • Help digestion 帮助消化
    • Promote gastrointestinal motility 促进肠胃蠕动
  • Amino Acids 氨基酸
    • Endocrine conditioning 调理内分泌
    • Enchance physical fitness 增强体质
  • Anthocyanin 花青素
    • Antioxidant, free radical scavenging 抗氧化,清除自由基
    • Skin anti-aging for improve skin texture 抗衰老,改变肌肤

LaZior MayterLynn Beverage Mix Purple Sweet Potato Powder with Oat Bran

Relieve Menopausal Symptoms
Mayterlynn Can help to regulate hormones, effectively alleviate premenstrual symptoms before women.

  • Emotional stability 稳定情绪
  • Redue flusing  and sweating 减少潮红,盗汗症状
  • Redue depression and insomnia 减少忧郁症
  • Prevention of  vaginal infections 预防阴道细菌感染
  • Improve aching muscles and maintain bone health 改善筋骨酸痛  维持骨骼健康

MayterLynn rich with OMEGA-3

  • Protect  the heart 保护心脏
  • Redue cholesterol 降低胆固醇
  • Inhibit inflammation 抑制发炎
  • Slowing allergy symptoms 减缓过敏症状
  • Prevent and relieve dry eyes 预防,缓解眼睛干涩
  • Help brain for intellectual development 帮助脑部智力发展
  • Protect cell membrane and retina  of the eye 保护细胞膜,眼睛视网膜
  • Slow Down for prostate cancer cell of  proliferation 延缓前列腺癌细胞增长
  • Activate of the brain and promote brain cells growth well 活化大脑,促进脑细胞发展
  • Reduce blood vessel blockage and the risk of atherosclerosis 降低血管阻塞,动脉硬化的风险

LaZior MayterLynn Beverage Mix Purple Sweet Potato Powder with Oat Bran

Love Caring For Your Soul of Eyes

MayterLynn has rich in Anthocyanins, Zinc, Omega-3, DHA can help improve eye disease.

  • Improve eye fatigue 改善眼睛疲劳
  • Improve vision loss 改善视力下降
  • Improve eye dryness 改善眼睛干涩
  • Presbyopia, Cataract 老花眼,白内障
  • Night blindness, Glaucoma 夜盲症,青光眼
  • Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigma 近视,远视,闪光
  • Increased eye photosensitive substance 增加眼睛感光物质

The Importance of  Cereal Intake
Based on research shows, cereal food should intake for one-third of the daily diet, 50% of which come form whole grains. Fibres and nutrients in cereals can provide rich nutrients needed by the human body , also help away from obesity, diabetes, fatigue, cholesterol-related cardiovascular disease and intestinal disorders, etc.

LaZior MayterLynn Beverage Mix Purple Sweet Potato Powder with Oat Bran

Pregnant Women Exclusive Nutrition

  • Sugar Free
  • No  Colouring
  • No Preservatives
  • Safe For Consume
  • All Natural Ingredients

Pregnant women intake balanced, adequate nutrition is the key for healthy growth and development of the foetus. From the early pregnancy should pay attention to a balanced diet, and intake of protein, minerals, DHA, calcium, Iron ,zinc, etc, to provide foetal growth and childbirth and breast-feeding.

In addition to multigrains operational balance of the body’s internal organs to prevent complications during pregnancy, maternal balanced diet is the main source of calories and nutrition. Inadequate maternal nutrition heat supply will directly affect foetal growth and development of the foetus, so giving birth for baby weight not up to standard.

MayterLynn does not contain any sugar (using Stevia Extract) and it can prevent gestational diabetes, and it also contains a wealth of Omega-3 to provide the body with DHA, bringing pregnant women to supplement the nutritional needs of the foetus comprehensive nutrient absorption. Coarse grains contain vitamin B1, physiological functioning, appetite, gastrointestinal motility and digestive fluid secretion regulation, can reduce constipation distress, relive pregnancy response.

MayterLynn nutrient rich and easy to absorb, can promote the secretion of milk increased breast weight, calcium supplement, improve anaemia, dizziness, enrich the blood and other effects. Maternal health tonic can help in the process of confinement, invigorate primordial energy, fluent nursing milk  perfect excellent results. For pregnant women and lactating women have considerable benefits, during after pregnancy and post-partum is definitely the best of health  and nutrition care companion!

*Kindly consult doctor advice for G6PD patients

How To Enjoy MayterLynn?

  • Step 1: Take Two full tablespoons of MayterLynn
  • Step2 : Pour 200ml hot or warm water into the cup
  • Step3 : Stir well and enjoy MayterLynn

Suitable for

  • 1 year above for children
  • Adult
  • Pregnant lady
  • Elderly
  • Vegetarian
  • People with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol

*Kindly consult doctor advice for G6PD patients.

LaZior MayterLynn Beverage Mix Purple Sweet Potato Powder with Oat Bran

What I Say

My first impression about this product is the name because it sounds like my daughter’s name. I find it’s quite unique because often times I stumbled upon product that comes with a short and simple name. I thought it was a brand but after learning about this product, I finally understood that it is just the name of the product. I must say that this is a very creative approach. It comes with a brown sack which can be used to put the product when travel. The purple plastic jar has the basic information in English which is straight-forward, and very easy to understand.

The finely ground purplish powder has a very pleasant fragrance sweet potato, well, something like yam cake or hot yam bun. Unlike other beverage powder which contains oat brans that I have tried before this, I am pretty amaze that this powder is easily dissolved once I poured warm water and stirred. It does not have strong sweet potato flavour and it does not taste too sweet, too. You can add honey if you find it does not ‘fit’ with your taste, anyway.

LaZior MayterLynn Beverage Mix Purple Sweet Potato Powder with Oat Bran

I usually have this as my morning beverage because it really gives me the energy booster as well as prevent gastric especially when I have to wake up early in the morning for an early make-up job. I find MayterLynn is also great to be taken when it is served cold. I actually tried it mixing with raisins and chia seeds. It is so delicious taken as smoothies. The best thing about this product lies on its ability to dissolve easily without having to stir so much. Oh, you should try topping it with vanilla ice cream when you make smoothie with MayterLynn. It’s really scrumptious!

Since it said to be perfect for the whole family, I decided to give it a try to my kids. It’s really hard to entertain what kids want because often times they would prefer to have sweets and salty chips as part of their diet. Unfortunately, they do not like the taste when it is served hot but they loved it when I served it as smoothies, of course, with vanilla ice cream as topping. I guess that’s the only way to ‘fish’ them to enjoy this healthy drink.

One jar of MayterLynn can last up to a month since I usually have it in the morning, and give this to my kids twice a week as a ‘sweet’ treat. I don’t think I should give them everyday since they only wanted to have this served cold. My husband also love this and usually have this in the morning especially when he has to send the kids to school early morning. He would usually add a tablespoon of honey because he would love to have it a little sweeter.

My Final Verdict

MayterLynn is a healthy beverage drink with oat brans. It dissolves easily when added with water and perfect to go with other dry fruits and ice cream. It tastes great whether it is served hot or cold. I love to have this in the morning as it is a real energy booster.

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