Review: ISA KNOX (이자녹스) CELLENIUM Cellistal Cream

Have you every heard of ISA KNOX (이자녹스)? It’s actually a Korean brand and part of LG Household & Health Care Ltd. The same company that distributes popular beauty brands such as The Face Shop, Belif, and The History of Whoo. As you read the title of my post, I’m going to review this product after using it for a month. I got this from my sister-in-law who went back to her hometown in South Korea a few months ago.

ISA KNOX uses in-depth scientific research and a careful selection of ingredients to create products that work for every type of skin. Its wide-ranging collection focuses on skin concerns including anti-aging, wrinkle reduction and skin recovery. The brand carries skincare for men and women as well as a makeup line for women. ISA KNOX is part of LG Household & Health Care Ltd., which also distributes popular beauty brands like TheFaceShop, The History of Whoo, Belif and more. All the brand’s products are manufactured in South Korea.


ISA KNOX may not be famous in Malaysia yet but this brand is quite famous in South Korea since it was launched in 1995. ISA KNOX has a few product lines which targets on specific skincare problems but their major concern is on anti-aging. ISA KNOX’s celebrity endorsements include Hyori Lee and Jessica Alba. The brand company is currently with its ‘Halve the Skin Age Project’ which aims to realizes every woman’s dream to have a youthful skin.

ISA KNOX Cellenium Cellistal Cream

What They Say

To improve the skin condition and enhanced the skin barrier. This product is enriched with nutrition to improve skin elasticity and resilience.

  • ISA KNOX CELLENIUM is a premium line that contains the secrets of:
    • ‘Growing Energy’ – Ginseng and Gingko Plant Stem Cells Extract
    • ‘Shield Energy’ – Protect Energy of Pikeunoljenol (Pine tree)
    • ‘Concentrated Nutritional Energy’ – Pearl Extract, Pearl Endothelial Protein
  • Triple Functional Cosmetics: Whitening, Wrinkle Care & Moisturizing.
  • Highly premium concentrated cosmetics for intensive care for a variety of skin concerns.

What I Say

The packaging is quite unique because it is roundish like a crystal ball. I like the packaging especially when the lid can be closed securely. It does not include small spatula to scoop out the product. There is not much cream in the product, though.

ISA KNOX Cellenium Cellistal Cream

The anti-aging premium product claims to have triple care system that function as whiten the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and moisturize the skin. This cream is very lightweight and leave my skin with velvet feeling. As the instruction mentioned to apply this product onto the skin after essence, so I guess it supposed to be used in a small amount. This cream does not leave my skin feeling oily or dryness, and I like how it moisturize my skin.

ISA KNOX Cellenium Cellistal Cream

I usually apply this day and night, but after a week of using it, I think it would better to be applied before bedtime because it helps to repair my skin the next day. Moreover, I noticed that my skin is very shiny if using it during the day and I don’t like because some people thought I have too much sebum. The night application feels much better because I don’t have to worry about other people talking about my ‘too-shiny-and-oily-skin’. It feels really nice to apply it before bed because my skin feels refreshed, and brightened the next day. It just feels nice.

ISA KNOX Cellenium Cellistal Cream

I cannot say that it really reduces the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles because I am not that ‘old’ or have ‘many deep wrinkles’. I love this product because it makes my pores smaller, and brighten my skin. It also diminished dark spots on my cheek. Lovely. Anyway, my mum also loves ISA KNOX as she also got herself this product. She loves this product so much because it reduces the appearance of her wrinkles, and dark under eyes. Apart from that, she admits that ISA KNOX products really brighten her skin and not sticky at all. She does not like using cream that would leave her skin very sticky.

ISA KNOX Cellenium Cellistal Cream

I cannot really say about the price as they do not sell here in Malaysia. I only found out that they have ISA KNOX in Hong Kong, not sure if they have outlets there, though. Only some product lines by ISA KNOX can be found on Lazada, and 11Street. Since this is a premium quality product, I can only say that the price may be over MYR100.

My Final Verdict

Since most of ISA KNOX products are made with the aim to solve the problem of aging skin, I think this product is worth to be invested by those who are looking for anti-aging products that not only reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but also brighten and moisturize the skin. I really recommend this product to be used by those who have dry or matured skin, as well as those who are concern with having a youthful skin. There’s no right or wrong to start your anti-aging skincare routine because the earlier the better to take care.

Where To Buy

ISA KNOX: Website | Facebook | Youtube

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