Review: Irissential Magic Face Scrub

How many times do you scrub your face? Twice a week? None? Why do we need to scrub or exfoliate our skin on regular basis? Basically, exfoliation on regular basis can help rejuvenate the skin as well as improve the results of your skin care routine regardless of your skin types – dry, normal, oily or sensitive skin. Our body produces new skin cells around the clock, and it can shed up to 50,000 dead skin cells every minute but sometimes the cells do not slough off and that’s why we have clogged pores which leads to breakouts.

Before scrubbing off the dirts...
Before scrubbing off the dirts…

If you’re staying in a warmer climate or have oily skin, then you will need to exfoliate your skin twice to thrice a week. However, delicate or sensitive skin should stay with once a week because it can cause irritation. In fact, exfoliation speeds up the normal cellular turnover process when it is done properly, enabling healthy glowing skin to surface, and allows better penetration of skincare products. Not only does exfoliation gives your a silky smooth skin, but also prevents ingrown hairs. Remember, your skin renew itself every 28 days when you’re young but as you grow older the renewal needs a little more help.


What They Say

One of the hot selling Irissential range which contains sunflower seed oil, Japanese pitera, and Aloe Vera. The benefits include tighten the pores thus reducing the enlarged pores, skin lightening, anti-aging, draws out blackheads and whiteheads which cause dirt, oil and impurities, and promotes a clean, and blemishes-free skin.

What I Say

The Irissential Magic Face Scrub comes in a 50g plastic container which is secured with an extra lid to prevent the oil-free exfoliator liquid from leakage. It has a rose scent which can be quite strong to a few people but it’s still acceptable for me as I love the scent as it’s quite refreshing. It has a very lightweight (or a bit watery) white paste with grainy particles that gently exfoliates the dead cells. I must say the tiny container can be easily put inside the handbag.

Watery and lightweight face scrub with rosy scent.
Watery and lightweight face scrub with rosy scent.

I’ve been using this for a week now and I noticed that my skin condition has improved. It doesn’t even leave taut feeling after exfoliation. My blemishes are leaning up and my skin looks healthier. Although the face scrub comes in a small container, it can last for a month depending on the usage. The price is MYR 27 (excluding postage) per container. What’s more? The sellers are friendly, too! Trus me. I was so delighted to deal with the friendly founder. Thank you for the great product, Kaka Iris!

It has tiny particles which won't hurt your skin.
It has tiny particles which won’t hurt your skin.

Where To Buy

I bought mine from the founder of Irissential. You can drop her a message via her Whatsapp number +60-134-563-821 (Kaka Iris). You can also check out her Instagram here. Besides, you can also place order with the co-founder via her Whatsapp number +60-145-124-427, or to drop her a direct message via her Instagram here.

It actually leaves my skin smooth, and dirt-free!
It actually leaves my skin smooth, and dirt-free!

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