Review: Horien Eye Secret 38% 3 Months Color Contact Lenses

Horien Eye Secret 38% 3 Months Color Contact Lenses

I have always sought for comfortability whenever I decided to purchase coloured contact lenses. Why? I think it is really ‘unfair’ to wear contact lenses that only make my eyes dry, irritate, and reddish. I’m sure none of us would want to wear lenses that would make bloodshot eyes especially when in public. It just makes us look like sick, not gorgeous (or sexy). Frankly speaking, when I wear coloured contact lens, I want people to notice my eyes when they talk to me. I want a clear and sparkling eyes, not a bloodshot eyes when wearing contact lens. That’s why I choose to have Horien Eye Secret. Today’s post have tons of pictures of these great brand. 

Horien Eye Secret 38% 3 Months Color Contact Lenses

I actually started to notice this brand after I won myself a giveaway contest organized by Horien Eye Secret. I didn’t expect to win but that’s how I started to know Horien Eye Secret. I gave it a try when attending my friend’s wedding. Most of my friends complimented my eyes. They even asked me where did I buy such a nice pair of contact lens. After that, I got Horien Eye Secret contact lenses early this year and I was so excited because the colours were so nice, and of course, they were really comfortable and did not irritate my eyes. In fact, they looked really natural that my friends asked me to tell them where to order. You can actually read my reviews by clicking on the links above.

So, what’s so great about this Horien Eye Secret 38% 3 Months Color Contact Lenses? What are the differences compared to other contact lenses in the market? Most contact lenses tend to be made from hydrogel, silicon hydrogel, or polymacon. But, Horien Eye Secret 38% 3 Months Color Contact Lenses are made out of Polymacon. According to Wikipedia, ‘…Polymacon is a non-proprietary (i.e., generic) term for a hydrophilic polymer of 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate (HEMA) cross-linked with ethylene glycol dimethacrylate (62%) and water (38%). It is used in the manufacture of soft contact lenses, and is considered a low hydration hydrogel of nonionic polymer…’. The Polymacon material is actually famous material among brands such as Biomedics 38, Edge III, Z4/Z6, and Soflens 38.

Besides, Polymacon contains 38% water content which means it can lower the speed of water loss, and keep the lens moisture and decrease the dryness feeling after long time wearing. With perfect formula of 38% water content, plus Sodium Hyaluronate and Trehalose, Horien Eye Secret provide the eyes with a super moist experience. That’s the reason why dryness and irritation after long wearing is almost impossible to happen. But, still, you cannot wear contact lens to sleep. *Teehee*

Unlike other contact lenses that you can find on the market, all Horien Eye Secret has Bio-Molecule 3D Wrap Technology. What is this thing? It is actually a unique formula and manufacturing methods to ensure the colour additives will never leach out and provides wearing comfort. Each colour additives on contact lenses are wrapped by HEMA.

Since Horien Eye Secret has a very sophisticated pad printing machine to print the pattern in the female mold, the colour will never contact the eyes directly. That’s why there’s always a high level of sharpness and visual accuracy. In short, your eyes pupil will never be blocked with the colour additives which usually contribute to blurry vision.

Furthermore, Horien Eye Secret produce their coloured contact lenses via filling and thermal process which ensure that their lenses have flat surface and will not crack easily. With its UV Protection function, Horien Eye Secret protects the eyes from harmful UV light. It also has artificial intellectual, bigger tinted area, and 7-9mm wide optic zone. Pretty cool, right?

I received 4 types of Horien Eye Secret 38% 3 Months Color Contact Lenses, and each of these lenses have a diameter of 14.2mm with base curve of 8.7mm. All of them have nice design and high level of comfortability. My eyes colour is dark brown, so I usually find it is hard to get my eyes colour to be noticeable. But with Horien Eye Secret, more people noticed the colour. Horien Eye Secret can look even nicer for those who have light brown or hazel eyes colour. The package that I received includes a travel-size of contact lens solution. I have always love Horien lens solution because it keeps my lenses moisturised.

Here are some tips when choosing coloured contact lens. If you are looking for a natural-looking change, you can try a lighter honey brown or hazel coloured lens. If you want to have more dramatic or people to notice your eyes, go for contact lenses in vivid colours, such as light grey, gold, blue, green or violet.

Horien Eye Secret 38% 3 Months Color Contact Lenses

If you ask me which one is my favourite. I have to admit that I like Berlin Gold, and Madrid Grey. Why? Because both of these lenses really change my eyes colour. As I mentioned earlier, I have a dark brown eyes colour so it is really hard to find coloured contact lenses that can change my eyes colour… Dramatically. I actually envy those who have light brown eyes colour, anyway.

Where To Buy

You can buy Horien Eye Secret 38% 3 Months Color Contact Lenses from their Facebook Page now. They have their online shop there. You can also find the nearest optical shops around you For those who are residing in Sabah, you can only place order via their online shop.

Horien Eye Secret: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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