Review: Gobdigoun 곱디고운 Placenta Power Aging Corrector

Can the sheep’s placenta give me a 10-year-old younger skin? I remember the old days when my mum and aunts were talking about the benefits of placenta for a younger looking skin. They were complimenting how their friends who had smoother and younger skin after using a bottle of sheep’s placenta cream. I had never bother about it until I got myself a set of sheep’s placenta eye cream from Gobdigoun.

Sheep placenta has long been used to benefits general health and wellness, and it is believed to be very organic to reduce the signs of aging skin. Well, some researchers have shown that sheep placenta contains certain nutrients that can boost skin regeneration and improves fine wrinkles as well as rough and dull skin.

Gobdigoun 곱디고운 Placenta Power Aging Corrector
Gobdigoun 곱디고운 Placenta Power Aging Corrector

Sheep’s placenta can give a smooth skin, and some other benefits including the followings:

  • Diminishes the appearance of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, pigments, and uneven skintone.
  • Promotes skin tightness and density which reduces the appearance of sagging skin.
  • Restores skin’s hydrolopidic film that prevent wrinkles and dry lines.
  • Rejuvenates dull skin cells to promote brighter and youthful complexion.

We may be thinking that moisturizer is enough to cover all your skin concerns. However, there are some parts on our face that requires more concerns such as eyes area – the most delicate part on the face. That’s why we need eye cream to do the job for us. Believe it or not, your delicate eyes starts to degenerate once we hit in our 20s. It is the fastest to degenerate and the slowest to recover.

Placenta Power Aging Corrector Eye Cream is effective in almost every type of wrinkle on your face such as forehead lines, crow’s feet, eye bag, mouth frowns and vertical lines, neck lines and nasolabial folds. Placenta Power Aging Corrector Series provides the nutritious placenta portein refined from the Austrialian ovine placenta.

Gobdigoun Placenta Power Aging Corrector Cream contains human-friendly amino acid and peptide to nourish the skin. The product comes in a package that is similar to syringe. The back of the package has an easy functional lock to prevent the cream from being pressed out when not in use.

Gobdigoun 곱디고운 Placenta Power Aging Corrector
The back of the package has an easy functional lock to prevent the cream from being pressed out when not in use.

The eye cream has a thick consistency, thus I only pump out a small amount because the cream spreads easily on the skin. Gobdigoun Placenta Power Ageing Corrector Eye Cream is mild enough to eye area that it does not itch or irritate my skin. I usually apply this eye cream twice daily, and after 14 days of using this, I notice that the skin under my eyes have become smoother and more hydrated. My fine lines has decreased a bit. I actually love how it makes my eyes look brighten up.

Gobdigoun 곱디고운 Placenta Power Aging Corrector
Most of the description is in Korean language. You will need to look for the instruction on the Internet.

The best thing that I like about this eye cream is its ability to smoothen and brighten up my eyes area. I actually dislike when my mum has to remind me that I looked like a zombie every time she saw me. Yes. I admit that I usually sleep at 2am, and have to wake up at 5am. My eyes are turning me into an ‘old hag’ that needs to get ample of rest… or maybe pampering session. LOL! Anyway, I think I am thankful enough to have met this nice eye cream – Gobdigoun 곱디고운 Placenta Power Aging Corrector.

Gobdigoun 곱디고운 Placenta Power Aging Corrector
It has thick consistency but it spreads faster. Requires small amount to apply on the eyes area.

Since Gobdigoun 곱디고운 Placenta Power Aging Corrector really works on me, so I would like to recommend this product to others to try. Just don’t expect this product will give you an overnight result. No product can give you that ‘overnight’ expectation. Use religiously. Depending on the ‘severity’ of your skin condition, the result will be noticeable as early as 14 days (if it’s not too ‘severe’ lah).

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