Review: EBN Active Stem Cell Amazing Youth Essence

EBN Active Stem Cell Amazing Youth Essence

I always feel maturation is troublesome especially when the negative symptoms which influence the maturation can expose huge part of us into an uncomfortable situation. For instance, wrinkles, drooping skin and uneven skin tone can make us look older as well as look less remarkable. Thus, most of us would have to start using ‘makeover’ apps to diminish the lines, spots, and other aging signs before posting photos on social media. However, this does not actually solve the problem because people would ‘judge’ us based face-to-face.

This is not a post about being denial to getting old, but slowing down the process of looking old is what every one of us would like to achieve. In fact, nobody would want to be addressed as ‘Auntie’ while she is in her late 20s! Ofter times we find it’s amusing to see celebrities or models who have great skin and getting old gracefully. The question we asked to ourselves, ‘How to get a youthful skin just like her?’.

Here’s another review on EBN product range which I find it’s worth to share with all of you. This is one of the products which I have been using for the past weeks, and the result is remarkable. Well, you might not find my ‘before-after’ photos here as I did not get to snap a few photos of the progress. I was so lazy because I thought it would never worked. Alas! It turned out to be the opposite.

EBN Active Stem Cell Amazing Youth Essence

What They Say

EBN Active Stem Cell Amazing Youth Essence is rich in natural vitamin C and bird’s nest essence, which can effectively reduce melanin, fight free radicals, non-greasy formula special created for acne and sensitive skin.

  • Purifies skin, regulates cutin layer and rapidly replenishes water loss.
  • Moistures skin immediately.
  • Skin Whitening effect.
  • Lifts up and provide V-Shape face.
  • Reduces eye bags and dark circle.
  • After sunburn treatment.
  • Increases the production of collagen.
  • Anti-oxidation

What I Say

The packaging is quite simple and straight-forward. It includes the name, ingredients, and instructions on how to use. The product comes in a pump bottle which is secured tightly with a cap that I can always bring along without having to worry that it might spill out inside my bag. In short, it’s travel-friendly and very convenient.

EBN Active Stem Cell Amazing Youth Essence

I usually apply this essence after washing off the dirts using EBN Active Stem Cell Cleanser, and toning my face with Natio Young Oil Control Toning Lotion. It’s easy to squeeze out the amount of essence to be applied onto the face. The essence works to hydrate, smoothen, and soften the skin while making it feel and look younger.

The essence claimed to promote collagen reproduction so as to maintain the youthful nature of the skin and delay the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. I noticed that the essence has very velvet-smooth texture which gives my skin with hydration. Basically, it does not leave my skin with that oily feeling which I don’t like (and most of us would never want to see our face shining like a diamond on a broad daylight). Besides, this essence is very cooling and does not make my face turns into reddish (adverse effect from the ingredients on sensitive skin).

EBN Active Stem Cell Amazing Youth Essence

After using it for several weeks, I noticed that my skin condition has improved so much. Dark spots have reduced, and the most important thing which I always look forward from a skincare product is how it gives my skin with a hydration boost because I believe my skin needs more hydration to keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

Since this product is only available online, you will need to contact RBN Global Bhd to make your purchase online. They also have agents all over Malaysia which you need to ask them for the list of agents in your area.

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