Review: Daiso Skin Complete BB Face Cream

Daiso BB Face Cream

There’s a lot of things you can find at Daiso, and most of them are fixed at MYR5.30 (AU$2.80). I recently went to Daiso to check some latest products offered by the well-known Japanese franchise. I stumbled upon this Daiso Skin Complete BB Face Cream in which I decided to give it a try after I read ‘Made In Korea’ which sounds a bit promising. Here’s my review about this Daiso Skin Complete BB Face Cream.

What They Say

Feature: Essence, day time care, make-up base, foundation combine in one multi-function cream. Aloe vera extract is combined, it gives moisture to the skin. It helps to keep your skin moist with Shea butter components, it is applied smoothly and moistly.

What I Say

This is considered as the cheapest BB Cream I ever bought. It comes in a standard BB cream tube, just like the size of other famous BB cream in the market. There are 3 shades available: Ochre, Natural Beige, and Beige. I went for Beige shade to match with my skin tone. The tube is very travel-friendly, and does not leak easily because it has a very tightly close lid.

Unlike the usual BB Creams which I have tried before, Daiso Skin Complete BB Face Cream is a highly liquid cream or has a very thin texture. It feels as if it’s a mixture of body lotion with crushed powder foundation. It has a faint smell of Shea butter fragrance. It’s very lightweight, but it fails to cover minimal flaws. This BB cream is not a ‘skin complete’ because it lacks of sunscreen though it claimed to contain Titanium Dioxide.

Daiso BB Face Cream

Daiso Skin Complete BB Face Cream is not suitable to be used as make-up base especially when the skin is oily, dry or have large pores because the texture has the tendency to clog the pores, and turning the skin looks more patchy. I also figured out that this cream does not blend well with concealer, and makes the skin looks patchy when applied with loose powder. It neither leave a dewy finish nor matte. It’s like the skin wears nothing but it gives my skin breakouts after a few applications.

Daiso BB Face Cream

It’s so sad that it does not work despite of the promising look. I would not repurchase this or recommend this to others. Have you tried any or do you have any you’d like to try? Feel free to share below in the comment section!

Daiso: Website

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