Review: BEYOND Aqua Angel Moist Cream [Super Size]

BEYOND Aqua Angel Moist Cream

My Korean sis-in-law once told me that Koreans are obsess with great skin, and that is all about a bouncy, dewy, taut, and hydrated resilience. While most of Korean skincare products are totally different from those of the West, our skin needs to be hydrated and moisturized. Many moisturizers are designed to be water-based, in other words, they contain mostly water-binding ingredients to support general skin needs. However, dry skin will need both moisturizer and hydrating toner or serum. This is because the moisturizer will lock in the water from evaporation from the upper layers of the skin while the hydrating toner or serum will ensure the skin is well-hydrated.

When it comes to bouncy, the Koreans are looking forward for a lightweight, refreshing and ultra-hydrating. The creams melt like butter and leave the skin with ‘wetness’ not ‘oiliness’. This is what I experience when I was using this product in which my sis-in-law gave to me a few months ago. You can read my final verdict and where to get this product…. Scroll to find out more (if you’re too lazy to read).

BEYOND Aqua Angel Moist Cream

What They Say

Angel Aqua Cream is a hydrating cream which contains 70.1% of mineral sprout water, not purified water. The mineral sprout water contains energy of the three sprouts raised with clean spring water. It also has organic babasu butter and ceramides to moisturize the skin without leaving it with sticky feel while retaining the skin moisture.

BEYOND Aqua Angel Moist Cream

What I Say

BEYOND Aqua Angel Moist Cream comes in a big chunk of gel-like cream. The size of the jar is similar to the size of Etude House’s Moistfull Collagen. It’s quite large and has a lot of product in it. The best thing is it comes with a spatula. Very hygienic.

BEYOND Aqua Angel Moist Cream

The consistency is just like MIZON Water Max Aqua Gel Cream which has refreshing, and water-like feel. Since it is has a lightweight gel-like texture, I find it is not sticky or gooey. In fact, it has a similar texture like LANEIGE Water Bank Moisturizer but I think this product is more ‘watery’ than LANEIGE. Since I have tried Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream before, I noticed that this product gives the same consistency and the amount that my combination skin requires. It absorbs deep into my skin very fast and does not leave my skin with that sticky or oily feeling. The best thing about this product is it does not have fragrance or alcohol which makes it suitable even for sensitive skin.

BEYOND Aqua Angel Moist Cream

My sis-in-law personally gave this to me as I was having severe breakouts due to incompatible with skincare products. I love the texture because it is a pure hydrating on the skin, perfect for dry skin. I usually use this as sleeping mask especially when you need to pamper the skin with more hydration. It does make my skin looks more glowy and the make-up glides smoothly and lasts longer. This is way better to complement with Aloe Vera gel.

BEYOND Aqua Angel Moist Cream

My Verdict

This is one of my favourite gel-like skincare products because of its ability to hydrate my skin to the fullest. It also makes my skin more refreshing and reduce redness as well as dryness on the skin. I’m not sure if it is suitable for acne-prone skin but I’d recommend this to people who suffer from dryness, redness, and sensitive skin. Matured skin may also get the benefits from using this product as matured skin is prone to dryness which requires more hydration and moisturising elements. I noticed that it is hard to find this product here in Malaysia; I have to re-order this from Amazon or Korea.

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