Review: Aik Cheong Matcha | Teh Hijau Pracampur

Aik Cheong Matcha | Teh Hijau Pracampur

My brother knows how much I love drinking green tea so he bought me a pack of Aik Cheong premixed Matcha tea. Thanks, bro. So, I decided to give it a try because he also asked me to write a review on my personal experience from drinking this Matcha premix. When it comes to Matcha or green tea, I can be very fussy in term with the taste. Kalau inda sadap, jawapan sia tu memang inda sadap laitu.

Aik Cheong Matcha | Teh Hijau Pracampur

What They Say

Aik Cheong Matcha Coffee is made with only green tea powder and fine sugar and non-dairy creamer.

Directions: Pour the contents of sachet into a cup. Add 200ml of boiling water. “Tarik” (pull) and ready to serve.

Ingredients: Non-dairy Creamer [Glucose Syrup, Hygrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Sodium Caseinate (Contains Milk Protein), Emulsifier E471, Stabiliser E340, Anti-Caking Agent E554, Beta-Carotene E160A], Sugar, green tea powder

What I Say

First of all, the packaging is so green and that makes it quite outstanding compared to other Aik Cheong products. It is easier to notice when they are all arranged on the rack. Consumers will have no problem finding it. In fact, most of Aik Cheong products can be bought from Giant Hypermarkets all over Malaysia. They are also sold online both local and internationally.

Aik Cheong Matcha | Teh Hijau Pracampur

There are 12 sachets in a pack, and each sachet of premix Matcha contains about 25g. Quite large, and I think I can make 2 cups (coffee-sized cup which the hotels usually use) out of it. One serving of 25g Matcha is equal to 110kcal, which I think it’s acceptable for those who are looking at cutting down their calories intake.

Aik Cheong Matcha | Teh Hijau Pracampur

How about the taste? To be frank enough, this has more creamer and sugar than the green tea itself. It makes me dizzy after sipping it for the first time. I had to add water to make it less creamy and sweet. It only has a small amount of the green tea flavour, the rest are creamer and sugar, as expected from a premix. It does not taste really good when it is served hot, anyway. I would prefer to have it cold, with extra water.

Aik Cheong Matcha | Teh Hijau Pracampur

My Final Verdict

Is it worth buying? Depending on your taste. As for me, I would not recommend this because this is not my cup of tea. Bukan taste sia sebab rasa dia yang lebih kepada krimer sama gula. Bikin berdiri bulu roma sia sebab sia inda berapa biasa makan dan minum yang terlampau manis. I would rather recommend making a green tea from the tea bag, anyway.

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