Reality Check: Why It’s So Hard To Back Up a Brand at Brandbacker


You have just set up a blog, and you wanted to find something to make your first review. So, you went to read some bloggers and you stumbled upon this Brandbacker. You signed up for a free account with Brandbacker with the hope that you could get something to write for your new blog.

About Brandbacker

BrandBacker is the fastest growing blogger, vlogger and influencer network online. We connect brands who want to get exposure on blogs and social networks to over 10,000 bloggers and influencers looking for opportunities. BrandBacker helps brands reach millions of new customers and influencers while tracking every read, click, share, like, tweet, reblog & more. Thousands of people read and interact with content created through BrandBacker everyday.

Brandbacker is a platform for bloggers to get connected with the brands. There are tons of products available to apply for. They offer brands to connect with influencers and there is a potential to earn money by referring a brand to Brandbacker, about $50 per brand referrals. You can actually earn money from writing a review but always to expect the brand offers to pay you lower than the market value.


In order to get connected with the brands, you will need a valid email account to sign up with Brandbackere. But, to get a free PR sample from the brands, you will need to have a blog or Youtube channel, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook page.

The requirements are simple. You just need to check their campaigns which are updated regularly. Choose products that might interest you. Some brands require you to have Youtube channel, or a resident in a country (e.g. United States, or Canada). This could be a disadvantage for those who are residing outside the eligible countries. Some brands would only send to the countries that they have listed down. They don’t send the samples if you’re from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, or other than the listed countries.


Furthermore, Brandbacker needs you to list down 3 countries which your readers come from. Most brands would wanted to know where your readers come from because they need their product to reach their target customers. The truth is, most of the brands requires you to have readers from United States, and Canada. If your readers are mainly from Asian countries, then signing up to be part of Brandbacker is not going to help you with your blog.

Another disadvantage of Brandbacker is when the brands are looking at your statistics. Low statistics means low exposure because brand marketing is all about reaching the target customers. Most of the brands would want to know how many followers do you have on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Youtube channel. Rejection is what you need to expect whenever you try yourself to grab the opportunity because some brands would never bother to get your approved, probably because they already got the best candidates to do the PR marketing.


The Brandbacker would be beneficial to influencers who are residing in United States, Canada, and United Kingdom because most of the brands would love to work with those from the countries. I don’t want to sound bias but this is my honest opinion after harbouring myself with Brandbacker (you may also see that I put the badge on the sidebar). This is a waste of time especially when your blog is written in a non-English language.

As for your readers, they would eventually have to depend on an unreliable and biased reviews because you are paid to write good things about the product. Plus, you cannot simply test a product today, and then tell everyone that they product has turned you into a Cinderella. That would require Fairy Godmother to do the magic that won’t vanish even after the clock strikes 12 midnight.

Last but not least, I’ve never got myself an offer from being part of Brandbacker. Probably because I’m staying outside their ‘required’ countries. So, I’ve decided to stop from checking opportunities at Brandbacker. It’s really hard to back up a brand when you’re residing outside their target marketing.

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