Rants: The Love Between Food and Weight Loss

This blog has become a nearly jettisoned site because the owner is too occupied with her works, and the Internet speed can be quite callous in the interior area. Don’t worry. The owner is in a good health and she actually gained some pounds as a result for her inability to resist the temptations of munching down good kampung foods especially her favourite food – Linopot.


So, whenever she is back to her hometown, she would try to suppress herself from transforming herself into a Foodie Monster. She would just do some workouts – More cardio workouts because she is too poor to pay for a liposuction. Of course, she would never do a liposuction or have her body to be injected with a lipo-chemical-or-something-like-that because she is afraid of syringe. She would eventually imagined the most painful feeling of getting a jab – a never-ending pains. Exaggerating, huh? I guess this is too exaggerating.

The only thing that she might have to think now is how to get her weight back to 53kg when she returned to Ranau because she is aware that it is hard to resist good food. She might have to think how to get her old size as she cannot fit her old jeans and slacks anymore. She has the imagination that she has the look of a muffin-with-sprinkled-dust-and-cream-on-top. In other words, donning a swimwear would be a big no-no.

Another cases: She cannot stop herself from munching chocolate bar after midnight. Her last chocolate bar will be on 31st December 2018… Hopefully.

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