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Emoozi Photobooth

Photobooths have turned out to be one of the hottest trends in any events these days, and it is not hard to see why. Photobooth is the best way to add fun and excitement to your event because it provides a nice space for guests to be creative, silly, and enjoy themselves alone or in a group. This is a wonderful addition to the modern concept of event. 

Emoozi Photobooth provides a professional service to manage booth at all times during the event so you and your guests can relax and enjoy posing without worrying about taking the photo or any logistics. Besides, Emoozi Photobooth has a trained and professional camera operator at the booth to ensure all photos are safely backed-up and all equipment is working properly during the event.

Emoozi Photobooth

Emoozi Photobooth takes a slightly different approach to photobooths in order to provide the most fun, and experience at the highest quality. They provide two (2) types of Photobooth services, that are Photobooth, and Photobox. Their booths are set up with a top-of-the-line DSLR camera that allows beautiful, high resolution photos to be taken on the spot. They also set up each photobooth with professional-grade lighting to ensure your guests are beautifully lit and look at their best.

Emoozi Photobooth

Emoozi Photobooth can handle your wedding, corporate event, reunion or any events. The photobooth is built on-site and can be configured just the right size to fit the venue. Their basic package includes complimentary design for personalised photo template, backdrop, themed props, professional studio lighting and other equipments. The best thing is all can be customised to suit the unique need of your events. Yes. The prints and photobooth can be customized with your very own logo or event imaginary for maximum impact!

party backdrops// party backdrops diy//party backdrop cloth//party banners//party banner customWhether your event is upscale or on a budget, Emoozi Photobooth is just one call away. It is time to get your silly on in Emoozi Photobooth that prints your memories instantly! But, wait! Emoozi Photobooth is currently offering a crazy promotion on this June!

Emoozi Photobooth is giving away a crazy discount according to the age of the main person or the number of the special occasion. For instance, you will enjoy a 50% off when you are having a 50th wedding anniversary, or an 80% off for 80th birthday celebration. The discount will be based on the age. If you have an elderly at home celebrating 100 years old birthday, Emoozi Photobooth will give you a 100% discount! Too bad though, if you are celebrating for your baby 1 year old birthday, you only get to enjoy 1% discount from Emoozi Photobooth. Hurry up! This offer is limited to the first 20 customers only, on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Here’s another discount for my blog readers (and followers), just use this promotional code EMOODA0617 to enjoy a 30% discount. Terms and conditions apply.

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