Promotion: Exclusive W-Day for Senheng PlusOne Members

Senheng® Electric (KL) Sdn. Bhd. is one of the leading consumer electronics chain stores in the country with over 100 stores spread throughout Malaysia. Thus, in order to serve their customers better, they offer more and more promotions for their loyal customers with theirPlusOne® loyalty programme. Do you know that there are lots of benefits you can get when you’re Senheng® PlusOne® member? For those who are unaware or unfamiliar with Senheng® PlusOne® programme, it’s a loyalty programme which offers rewards and extraordinary privileges to Senheng® customers. Basically, the membership can be categorized into Classic, Gold, Lady, and E-PlusOne Online. You can actually enjoy more benefits and privileges when you are either Classic, Gold, or Lady card holder. The membership fee starts from as low as RM12 per annum. You can find out more about Senheng® PlusOne® Membership here.

For those who are Senheng® PlusOne® Member, Senheng is introducing their exclusive Warranty Day Promotion known as W-Day which is available only on every 1st day of the month beginning from 1st December 2016 onwards. That means you can enjoy FREE extra two (2) years warranty for electrical appliances, home appliances, and digital gadgets.

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Moreover, you can enjoy purchase One-To-One Replacement Warranty with RM1 only for small appliances during this W-Day. For instance, when you purchase small electrical appliances below RM500, you pay a minimum amount to get replacement warranty for the purchased product if it is found to be faulty within two (2) years of warranty period, subject to the terms and conditions. However, when you purchase small appliances during W-Day, you can get replacement warranty with only RM1. Interesting, isn’t it? Furthermore, this exclusive plan under which every customer who buys any of its replacement warranty products at any Senheng® outlet. This hassle-free instant replacement will ensure that customers save cost and time, as they will no longer need to wait for the faulty product to be repaired or buy a new one, subject to terms and conditions.

This Senheng W-Day lasts only for one (1) day. It happens once a month, and it falls on every 1st day of the month, e.g. 1st January, 1st February, 1st March, 1st April, 1st May, and so on. Make sure you do not missed out this great offer every 1st day of the month. You can find more information and latest updates from Senheng Website and Facebook.

One thought on “Promotion: Exclusive W-Day for Senheng PlusOne Members

  1. I bought a sharp portable speaker on 14.01.2017 at seng heng jalan meru klang. Got warranty 1 + 1 promo but no need to pay. Zero. Now speaker cannot work. Sent to sharp for repairs. Found faulty mother board. Ask me to pay RM280 bcos no warranty. Asked PPIM consumer association says seng heng and sharp must take responsubility. Actions on the way.

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